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How to Make a Composite Mongolian Recurve Bow And All You Need to Know?

making Mongolian bow

A composite recurve bow is made up of wood, sinew laminated, and horn, just like a traditional Mongolian recurve bow. If you are interested and searching for how to make a composite recurve bow, then keep in mind that this is not an easy process. It takes a lot of time, and it is a time taking process.

If we do research, we come to know that composite recurve bow, and the Mongolian recurve bow is the same, and the same materials are used in the making of these recurve bows.

How to Make a Composite Recurve Bow and Mongolian Recurve Bow

It is difficult to buy Mongolian recurve bow materials from a small hardware shop. You’ll have to buy some things online, like processed sinew and processed horns, but if you want original sinew and horns, then you’ll have to do a lot of hard work.

In the traditional Mongolian bow, the horns are attached to the bow side that faces the hunter, and the sinew is attached to the side of the recurve bow, which is the other side of the bow and faces the hunting animal. Also, you can learn how you can use recurve bows for deer hunting.

What is Sinew

Sinew is a fibrous tissue in the caribou. These get from the caribou by hunting them. These are muscle strips from the back leg of the caribou and are used as a thread.

Steps and Techniques of How to Make a Mongolian Recurve Bow

So now we will give you detailed steps and techniques for making a Mongolian Recurve bow. These techniques for making a Mongolian Recurve bow are not easily available on the internet. So, here are the steps of how to make a traditional recurve bow.

  • Firstly, take a wooden stick. The size of the wooden stick should be the same as we already used for the recurve bow.
  • Now flatten the wooden stick.
  • Cut the ends of the limbs in a small triangle shape from both ends.
  • One that will attach with the handle and the one that will attach with the Siyah.

Mongolian Recurve Bow Handle

Now you will learn how to make a recurve bow handle for a Mongolian recurve bow because it needs a special technique.

  • Firstly, cut the handle of the bow.
  • Cut the handle into a diamond shape. So, it will easily attach and fit the triangle cut of the limb.
  • Cut the Siyah of the bow in recurve shape.
  • The point of the Siyah attaching to limbs should be in a triangle shape so that they easily fit in the cutting ends of the limbs.
  • Assemble All the Parts
  • Now attach all the parts with powerful glue.
  • You can use epoxy. After applying glue, bind all the parts with a string so that they remain in this specific shape, and it will help the parts to stick easily and in the correct position. Leave this at a secure place for many days.

Mongolian bow making methods

  • When all the parts are attached to each other. Unbind all the parts, and now it’s time to flatten the surfaces of the wooden bow and give it a proper shape.
  • Smoothen the edges and the handle of the bow.
  • The shape of the bow should be B, as we see in the historical pictures of Mongols.

Horn Decoration

  • Firstly, take a horn and cut it from the middle; then, you’ll get two long vertical parts.
  • Smoothen the horn parts, then stick one part on one limb with the help of glue and the other part on the other limb with the help of glue.
  • Now again, bind the recurve bow limb with the help of string and leave it again for some days. So that the horn parts attach with the recurve bow limbs.
  • After some days, unbind the recurve bow and smoothen it. Smooth the edges and give it a good shape.

Sinew Decoration

  • Take processed sinew from the online market, or you can also take the original one if you find it somewhere.
  • Make thin threads of the sinew with the help of a hammer.
  • Now take one thread of the sinew and glue it on the recurve bow.
  • Sinew will attach to the recurve bow part that will face the hunting animals.
  • It will take some time or maybe some days. When all the parts are fully covered with sinew. Leave it to dry.
  • Now your traditional Mongolian composite bow is ready.

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String Your Recurve Bow

The last step is really important, and here is how to make a bowstring for a recurve bow? There are two ways to select a string for recurve bow: either you can choose a synthetic and processed fiber string, or you can make a string with the help of a real cocoon, but obviously, it will take a lot of time.

Mongolian bow making

  • If you are in a hurry, then you can choose any synthetic fiber string. Measure the string and cut it according to your Mongolian recurve bow.
  • Now with the help of a stringer, attach your string loops with recurve bow notches.
  • Finally, the best Mongolian recurve bow is ready for use. Now you can enjoy your deer hunt.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time will it take to make a traditional Mongolian Recurve bow?

Making of Mongolian recurve bow is a time-consuming process. It takes some days and sometimes months, but it all depends on your dedication and your effort.

From where can we buy horns and sinew for the making of traditional Mongolian Recurve bow?

Processed sinew and horn are easily available online. If you want the original one then for that you will have to do extra hard work.

How can we make a thread for a string from cocoons?

Put the cocoons in the water pot. After some time, you’ll see the threads on the cocoons. Collect that thread. When you collect all the threads, do braiding and make a string.

Is the composite recurve bow and Mongolian recurve bow the same?

Yes, the process of making a composite recurve bow and the traditional Mongolian recurve bow is the same. Both recurve bows have the same materials.

Which glue can we use for making a Mongolian recurve bow?

The most powerful glue that can easily bind all the parts like epoxy glue.
What is sinew made of?
Sinew is the flexible and tough connective tissue that is present in animals and connects bones with the tissues.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I want to say that I know it’s difficult and time-consuming to make a traditional Mongolian recurve bow, but at the same time, it is fun. and go for it if it makes you happy. As well as it is also really cheap to make one at your home.