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How To Use A Recurve Bow For Deer Hunting | Step-By-Step Guide For Hunters

deer hunting with recurve bows


So, we all know that shooting a recurve bow is not easy, especially if you are a beginner hunter. But what if you try hard and know the top secrets of shooting a recurve bow to kill a deer? We have some top tips to help shoot down a deer you would love to eat.

So, we will talk about tips for shooting with recurve bow with sight and peep to hunt down a deer. We will give you tips that will help both beginners and those who are already shooting down deer. You may in Wisconsin or any other hunting state that has so many talented and adventurous hunters, so this article will surely give you some hunting tips. Our beginners recurve bow guide can also help hunters out.


tips for recurve bow deer hunteres


Some General Tips For Deer Hunters


Before you go into real-life scenarios, knowing general tips about hunting a deer is important. So, you know:
Make sure that you keep yourself odor-free.

  • Try using a camouflage system for your gear and body.
  • Staying silent at all times is super important, so try to avoid any sounds that could make your prey run away.
  • Using a camera can help you film your hunt and is a great way to remember your amazing time in the woods.
  • Try to shoot with exit holes that can help drain blood from your hunt faster.
  • The best placement on deer will be the bottom third part of the deer’s body.
  • Also, make sure that you penetrate the vital organs.
  • Try to keep your angle best to get the most out of every arrow you strike with.

Hunters are all over America, from Alaska to New Mexico and from Wisconsin to Arizona, here are some tips you can apply any terrain.

Deer Hunting Stances

Deer hunting stances are the basics of hunting a deer and using a recurve bow. So, we have the top stances that can help you hit a deer to kill its trails to get perfect results.

These are the basic tips you should follow before you go on, and they tell about how to shoot a recurve bow.

Open stance:

· Open stance is easier to have by keeping your hips and shoulders in one line of your hunt.
· You can try creating a line and keep your legs at both ends of this line for the stance.
· Push your shoulders down and forward, plus keep your chest, shoulders, and ribs down.
· The foot that carries your bow should be on the side of the word in front.
· Create at 45 degrees angle from the target with your front foot straight and make sure your gin is above the bow arm.
· Try to have stability by making sure you move your hips forward.
· Do a lot of practice to find the best answer that works for your type of deer hunting

One thing to remember is that list muscular involvement with a full draw. Make sure that your stance keeps your shooting stable.


hunting deer with recurve bows

Square Stance

Make sure that your knees are a bit bent but not totally bent. Also, your knees in the short north are totally logged as well. You can find out which kind of stance is best for you by shooting with all of the arrows on the same targets. Start with an open stance, then go to neutral and fire the third arrow with a square stance.

Neutral Stance

In this stance, you can keep your left foot back from the right one. You can try this stance in windy conditions as it is known for better results. A neutral stance is considered the one when you are between square and open stances.

Nocking an Arrow

Knocking your arrow can be super easy and safe if you read these tips:

· Place your arrow immediately below your nocking point if there is only one point for it.
· Start by placing the arrow instead of the string.
· Also, you can try holding the arrow for Mediterranean style with one hand on the bow and the other one on your arrow.
· Try to use the same tip if you use a thumb release for your arrow shooting.
· One thing to remember is that you should not wrap any of your fingers around your arrow.
· These tips go for any kind of quiver you might be looking to use for your deer hunting.

Hooking Your Recurve Bowstring

Now that you know about arrow knocking, you should learn about hooking your recurve bowstring:

· Make sure that your middle finger is carrying the most weight when hooking your bow string
· You can try deeper or less deep holding of your bow string
· Try using less deep holding if you want a quicker and more slippery release.
· Keep your string more secure for heavier weights and vice versa
· Index finger should not have a lot of weight.
· Also, do not keep it deep into your string
· Your ring finger should offer a weight to open your bowstring.
· Your hand should be flat and straight, plus be in line with the forearm.
· Make sure that your fingers are in line with your hand and that they engage the string as defined earlier. This way, you avoid any stresses that the release may cause.

It also helps you with better release and hooking of your arrow. Try to keep your ring finger engaged in getting a better release. Do not keep your index finger hooked by avoiding pinching your arrow.

How to String your Recurve Bow?

Slide it over the top and on the reverse end string in it. Pull your bow limb closer to make sure you easily string. Do this to your leg in the middle of the bow string so you have the power to string it with ease.


hunt down deer with recurve bows

How to Hold Your Bow?

Deer hunting with a recurve bow is only complete if you know how to hold a bow. So in this section, you can read about how to correctly hold your bow when you are in terrain to hunt down deer.

· Use the side near the thumb, which is also a lifeline concept.
· You can hold it in your left hand if you are right-handed and vice versa.
· Line up your lifeline with the left edge as a right-hander, and the opposite goes for the left hand.
· Make sure that the left thumb side area of your hands is in contact with the bow.
· Your thumb should be straight along your grip, plus you should avoid making your hand fall off the side.
· Start by stretching your hand that will hold the bow.
· A good thing to remember is not to grab the bow too hard and keep your fingers relaxed.
· Never shoot your bow without a finger sling which will allow you to avoid making it go off your hand.
· Your hand should be at the 45-degree angle from your bow shaft.

These tips for shooting a recurve bow can help you get a perfect hunting result when shooting a deer.

How to Get Elbow Rotation?

The bottom part of your hand should keep your grip strong. Try your best to avoid pain when you are looking to shoot with your bow. Never go for a bow that is too strong for your strength.
For example, the elbow of the arm you use for your bow does not face up.

Try planks and other exercises that can help improve your body strength.

This step-by-step guide must have saved your skin from too much hard work by giving tips for shooting a recurve bow.


How hard is it to hunt with a recurve bow?

Hunting with the recurve bow is way harder than hunting with a rifle or a gun. Deer hunting can be easier with compound bows, but using a recurve bow can be an already daunting task in any condition. You must put a lot of time into preparing for a hunt when using a recurve bow to improve and perfect your aims.

How to shoot a recurve bow without arrow rest?

Have a hand or marking to ensure you can rest the arrow on your hand. Try to use your finger to keep your arrow close to your bow when you are in the terrain for hunting deer. You can get better results by keeping your arrow almost ready for the shoot. You can drop your finger when you draw your string. Make sure your bow stays put and you keep your grip on it.

How to shoot a recurve bow left-handed?

As a left-handed deer Hunter, you can hold the string back with your left hand. At the same time, you can hold the bow with your right hand. Grab the bow with the thumb side, hope your hand, and keep your hand aligned with your forearm. Also, ensure you use a strong grip to keep your bow firm.

Final Thoughts

We discussed the use of recurve bows for hunting deer. You can read about steps to make a clear deer hunt kill with recurve bow. Also, you can read about holding your bow, elbow rotation, and arrow knocking.

Plus, you can read about hooking and stringing your bow and different stances when hunting a deer. We also gave you some of the most basic and important tips that help hunters get the best out of their hunting expeditions.