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All Types of Crossbow Arrow Nocks With Pros & Cons + Lighted Nocks VS. Regular!

elk hunting and types of nocks for crossbow


Your hunting games can be a real thrill for you and your friends and the crossbow has a lot to offer. So, the thing is your deer hunting expeditions need a perfect companion. When we talk about the main aspects of such deer hunting, we find nocks to be an important part.

So, this blog will give you the pros and cons of top crossbow nock types. Also, you can find out what type would work for what you need. We will have a special focus on lighted ones and why you should use them if they are legal in your state, plus much more.

Compatibility Matters In Every Way

Knowing your bows well can change the whole game and so you should know them. So, here are some tips you need to keep in mind every time you buy them for your crossbow deer hunting:

  • Be sure you shoot only the arrows with them that your bow should use. They should be approved by your bow manufacturer to ensure avoiding any bow damage.
  • At the same time, be sure to not use the bolts that have broken or damaged stuff on their butts. Make sure you do not damage when you are practicing.

Tips That Work Every Time

  • When you are shooting, lighted ones can sometimes be easier to break. So, use the lighted ones when they are quality products, and be sure you do not put a damage in your bow to shoot.
  • At the same time, be sure to make your arrow butt to be perfectly in the right position. You need to make your shoot the right way by making them work the right way.
  • You can get damage when your bowstring goes over your bolt.
  • On the other hand, you can also inflict damage to your nock and then damage your carbon bolts and blow up instantly.
  • It can also happen when your bolt travels from the bows.

Types Of Crossbow Nocks for deer hunters

Lighted Nocks

Lighted ones also work well to make your videography better. You can use them to be sure you find your bolts easily which would help you get a better blood trail. But be sure if they are legal in your state or not.

These days you can find lighted ones that you can just set up with ease. So, all you have to do is to prepare them with is to put them into their wires. But be sure not to leave them on which could cause your battery to be dead when you need them most.

New Designs of Lighted Nocks To Try

Also, you can use the ones that have inserts that allow your bolts a better stability factor. They may not be preferable owing to them being prone to getting turned on without you knowing that. The thing is, they can be turned on with a very small amount of pressure on them.

Also, there are smarter ones that take up very little space for their design. In other words, they have very handy and useful designs that you can rely on, so try them out.
Now, you understand what lighted nocks hunting is like and why hunters love it so much.

The Controversy Around Lighted Nocks?

There is always an ongoing debate if deer can see lighted ones or not. So, there might be a question in your mind if you should use them or not. The answer is you should go for them as they have benefits in making you find your hunt with ease.

So, the points to keep in mind here are that you need to be clear about the distance you have. It should be reasonable to avoid any movement of the animal. At the same time, your crossbow should have a good speed to ensure you hit the target fast.

Types Of Crossbow Nocks hunters need

Benefits Of Lighted Crossbow Nock Types

The thing is, when your bolt flies at the right speed you do not allow your prey to see the light on them. So, you do not have to worry about them being prompt when you shoot their way. Another notable point is that your bolt nock is on the back of your bolt, which means the deer will not see the back side of the missile coming their way.

This removes any chances of your light making your delicious prey prompt.

Half Moon Types of Nocks For Crossbow

Now, many hunters have been fans of half-moon types and there are benefits that you may love as well, like:

Consistent Alignment

Half-moon types have a crescent shape that provides a consistent reference point for aligning the bolt with the crossbow string. This helps ensure your bolt is seated properly and that the string is correctly centered, leading to better accuracy.

Reduced String Wear

Half-moon types have a concave shape that helps distribute the pressure from the string evenly across the back end. This can help reduce the wear and tear on the string and prolong its lifespan. So, a great help any deer hunter would love to have.

Improved Safety

Half-moon types are designed to fit snugly on the string, reducing the risk of the bolt falling off during the shot. This can help prevent accidents and injuries, which makes it perfect for use. And this is why many hunters are fans of these.

Easy to Install

Half-moons are relatively easy to install and can be done quickly with the right tools. This makes them a popular choice for many crossbow deer hunters.


They are widely available and compatible with many different types of crossbows and arrows. This makes them a versatile choice for deer hunters in the united states.


They are among the most common types that you can find in this game. Here is what you would definitely love to know about them:

V-shaped types, also known as crescent types, are a type of half-moon part that has a V-shaped groove on the bottom.

Better Alignment

The V-shaped groove in them can help align with the crossbow string, ensuring that it sits in the correct position for firing. This might help improve accuracy and consistency in shots, but sometimes they can slip off the course and cause inaccuracy.

Reduced Friction

The V-shaped groove can also help reduce friction between the bolt and the crossbow rail, which can minimize wear and tear and improve its lifespan. So, a perfect benefit for any American deer hunter.

Easy Attachment

These are relatively easy to attach to the crossbow string and can be installed quickly with the right tools.

Improved Flight

By providing a stable and consistent launch, V-shaped types can help improve the flight path and trajectory, resulting in more accurate shots.

Avoid using them as you may not be able to get the right target. When you use them, the issue you face is they would slip off the v shape and could disturb their direction.


deer with hunting types of nocks for crossbow

Crossbow Nocks Types: Capture Nocks

Now, these have their benefits that make a huge impact on deer hunters in the United States.

Reduced Noise

Capture types hold securely in place, reducing the amount of noise that can be generated from the bolt sliding along the string during the shot. This can help keep the hunter concealed and prevent spooking the deer.

Improved Accuracy

They help ensure that the bolt is seated properly and consistently on the string, leading to better accuracy and tighter shot groups. So, a worthy benefit any deer hunter would love to have and a goal worth achieving.

Better Flight

Capture type helps stabilization during flight, reducing the risk of fishtailing or other erratic behavior that can affect accuracy. It could be a big impact that could ruin your hunt.

Types Of Crossbow Nocks for hunting


Capture are compatible with many different types of crossbows, making them a popular choice for hunters who use a variety of equipment.

As for what hunters think of them, opinions can vary. Some hunters prefer them for the benefits listed above, while others may prefer different types. Their personal preferences and equipment play a role in what they want to get. Ultimately, the choice of which type to use is up to the individual hunter and what works best for them in the field.

Flat Type

Flat ones are simple in design and are easy to install and use. They have a flat end that rests against the string, providing a stable platform.

Also, they are compatible with a wide variety of crossbows and arrows, just like some other choices, making them a popular choice among hunters and archers. They have a smooth surface that reduces friction between the string. This can help improve flight and accuracy in some ways.

They are typically made of strong materials like plastic or aluminum, which can withstand repeated use and abuse in the field.

Their Cons

types of nocks for crossbow hunting expeditions

However, there are also some potential downsides to using flat nocks for deer hunting:

String Wear

Because flat ones rely on the string to hold the arrow in place, they can cause more wear and tear on the string over time. This can lead to more frequent string replacement or maintenance.


Flat ones can generate more noise during the shot than other types, such as half-moon or capture types. This can potentially alert deer to the hunter’s presence and cause them to flee.

Reduced Accuracy

They may not provide as consistent of a reference point for aligning the arrow with the crossbow string as other types, leading to reduced accuracy.

Increased Risk of Arrow Slippage

Flat ones may be more prone to arrow slippage than other types, especially if the arrow is not properly seated on the string. This can potentially cause accidents or injuries.


One of the main benefits of Omni types is their compatibility with a wide range of arrow sizes and brands. This makes them a versatile choice for deer hunters in the United States who use different types of equipment.

The design of Omni types allows for the arrow to rotate slightly during flight, which can help reduce wear and tear on the arrow’s fletchings.

Improved Accuracy:

The rotation of the arrow during flight can also help stabilize the arrow and improve accuracy.

Easy Installation:

Omni types are easy to install and can be done quickly with the right tools.


All the common Types Of Crossbow Nocks


They can be more expensive than other types of nocks due to their design and materials.

Reduced String Life

The rotation of the arrow during flight can also cause increased wear and tear on the crossbow string, reducing its lifespan.

Limited Availability

Some hunters may find it difficult to find them in their local stores, which could make it challenging to obtain them quickly.

Need for Specific Crossbow Models

Not all crossbow models are compatible with them, so hunters will need to check their crossbow’s manual or consult with a professional to ensure compatibility.

Overall, they can be a great choice for hunters who want a versatile and accurate option for their crossbow arrows, but they should be aware of the potential drawbacks before making a purchase.

Types Of Crossbow Nocks for hunting


What are crossbow arrow nocks used for?

Nocks provide a means of attaching the arrow to the crossbow string. It is designed to snap onto the string, holding the arrow in place until it is fired. They help guide the arrow along the crossbow rail, ensuring that it follows a consistent and accurate trajectory. Their shape and design can affect the arrow’s flight, stability, and accuracy.

What Are The Best Crossbow Arrow Nocks for Darkness?

The best crossbow arrow nocks for nighttime are lighted type. These nocks feature built-in LED lights that activate upon firing, making it easier for hunters to track their arrows in low-light conditions.

Lighted nocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including half-moon, flat, and capture nocks, and are compatible with most crossbow arrows. They can provide several benefits for night hunting, including:

Final Thoughts

These were the main types of nocks you can find for deer hunting in the United States and which one you should try. We tried to give you the pros and cons of the most famous and common types to make your expeditions super special. You just need to read this blog to find out which one would suit your needs best.

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