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The Ultimate Guide To Crossbow Serving; Every Point Covered For Crossbow Deer Hunters!

deer hunters guide for crossbow serving

So, ready to learn about the importance of your string serving to make things better for your expeditions this season? Being sure you get the best out of your strings is what you need to keep in mind. This blog will give you the best, most reliable tips on every aspect of your crossbow serving to make things perfect.

You will learn about materials, types and pros and cons you get with them for your deer hunting needs. This blog will help you choose the best crossbow serving types for your deer hunting, so read it out!!

Things to Keep in Mind For Taking Care of Them

Now, you need to be sure to take care of your crossbow and you need to use wax to ensure that. So, make sure you have a good crossbow serving wax that you can apply to your string. So, you should apply it to this part and you can use your hand and fingers to ensure you get the best maintenance work. This way, you can protect your crossbow for longer without much damage to your strings.

Centering the Serving

If you want to ensure you can keep shooting without a break during your expedition with a crossbow, you need to center it. Be sure you color the immediate part outside the rail. You should do this when your weapon is not cocked. You can also center the it by adjusting it in your latch and thus you can center it for better use.

If you want to test if your crossbow is working well with it, you need to try some practice. So, when you find that you are getting an immediate change in the arrow groups, this means you have made a change. At the same time, you can use a cocking aid to ensure you get center cocking everytime.

Best Material Types For Crossbow Servings; Pros And Cons

Now, your material type for crossbows servings can be a major difference between success and a disaster. These are some of them that can ensure better results for your hunting expeditions:

Braided Dracron Material

If you are serious about your next expedition, this one would be a great choice. Here are some pros you can get with this material for your crossbow:


  • They are quite affordable which makes them a good choice.
  • Also, you can easily install them.
  • Their durability makes them a great choice for deer hunters.
  • At the same time, they would work well if you are looking for something that has moderate or low friction levels for your bows.
  • You can also get them in a variety of colors.


  • Some hunters have faced issues with them when it comes to the performance levels you measure.
  • At the same time, you might face issues due to their quick wear and tear.

BCY-X Material

It is among the ones that deer hunters can use with their eyes closed. The thing is their ability to create better durability makes them special, which is why you need to try them out. Also, they would help you avoid a high level of friction alongside consistency in your results.


  • Their high-performance makes them stand out from the competition.
  • Also, they would offer durability
  • If you want something resistant to stretching and creep, they are must-haves.
  • Also, you can get them in a range of colors.


  • They can be more expensive, so avoid them if you want something cheaper.
  • At the same time, they would be difficult to install when we compare them to other materials.

Fast Flight Serving

If you have a high-speed bad boy in your hand, this one would make it even better. You can try them out to get better results in multiple ways, like:

how to choose crossbow serving


  • Their performance can be reliable and you would love them for that
  • They do not cause a lot of friction and improve your results
  • Their durability is also worth it
  • You can rely on them for high-speed crossbows


  • They, too, may be higher in pricing that can make your hunting activity more high-end.
  • At the same time, you need to ensure you get the best out of their installation. They can be tricky during the installation process and can damage your bow or serving.

Kevlar Type

Here is what you need to know about these bad boys for deer hunting.


  • They are also durable and would help you with their strength.
  • This also means you do not have to worry about them being easily damageable.
  • Their low friction makes them a good choice.
  • Also, they work for high-speed bad boys that ensures a great result for deer hunters.


  • They may not be available in some areas of the United States which can be a challenging thing for many deer hunters.

Types Of Crossbow Serving Strings With Pros And


  • Now, the use of the right one can make your day better on an expedition, so you need to know what types to use. Here are some types that would work for for certain pros you need to know:

End Servings

This type works in the form of small pieces that you can wrap around the ends of your bow string. This way, you do not have to worry about easy fraying and you also can create a loop around the limbs of your crossbow. Just be sure that you attach it to the part where the string is attached to the limbs.

tips for crossbow serving for deer hunters

Pros Of End Servings

  • One of their main pros is better accuracy. They provide that with the help by the use of a loop that would help to be attached to your limbs.
  • Also, you get them in multiple materials that allows you to get better choices according to your needs.

Cons Of End Servings

  • Now, they may also add weight to your string which means you need to get the best weight choices on your bows.
  • Also, it may not be very easy to install for a newbie which can be a difficult thing for many deer hunters.
  • Some hunters may also find an issue of too much friction during their sessions due to them. This friction would come between the string and the rail of the crossbow.
  • Also, they may cause your bolts to slip that can reduce the accuracy levels others would offer.

Crossbow Center Serving

Now, they are quite similar to the earlier contender, but what they do is to attach to the center of our string. And this is where they get their name from. They work to offer your bolt and arrow a surface that is consistent, resulting in better performance.


  • They offer good accuracy.

crossbow serving guide for hunting lovers


  • They may also be difficult to install, which is why they may not be as useful as some others.

D-Loop Serving

These would attach to your release aids, and offer and would normally be made of braided Nylon. You can also get them in the form of other synthetic materials. A pro hunter would make sure to adjust them according to their hand size and other preferences they need to keep in mind.


  • They allow you to ensure you get the best accuracy just like others, but it would also help with the best adjustability.
  • At the same time, using them may cause extra noise to your shots. They may cause your string to hit against the string to make extra noise that can prompt your deer away in the woods.


  • They can also get crossbow serving fraying during your hunting expeditions.

String Suppressor; Crossbow String Serving

They would work for your string suppressor system allowing you to avoid any issues with your crossbow. Their benefit is that they can help you get the best silence. So, if you use them to avoid any heavy noise, it would definitely help.

crossbow serving guide for hunting


  • They work super well to avoid any noise for your hunting shots. So, next time, if you are afraid that you will scare away a deer, try these out.
  • Also, their specilaized materials can help you get the best out of a crossbow string.


  • They may not be the best choice if you are looking to get the best out of their main feature. So, they may not be as effective as other choices when it comes to getting rid of noise during your shot.
  • Also, their use would cause crossbow serving fraying of your crossbow serving string.

Final Thoughts

We talked about the benefits, features, pros and cons of top crossbow serving types you can find in the US market. Also, you can find out the best material types you can use for your deer hunting expeditions in the United States. So, this blog can help you get the best choices for your hunts.

You can get the best out of your hunting only when you have something reliable in your hand to hunt. So, do not compromise on the equipment you use for the purpose of getting the best out of your hunting needs.



What is the importance of a crossbow serving?

The use of servings allows you to make your crossbows more durable and they would last longer with these. It would also help you hit with better consistency during your expeditions. Also, it allows you to avoid any high sound during your shots.

How does a serving improve your crossbow performance?

This part of your weapon allows you to get rid of friction when you fire your shots. At the same time, you get better results in the form of consistency with these.

What are the common materials that work for this part of your bows?

The most common materials that work in this domain are:

  • Braided Nylon
  • Fast Fligh
  • Spectra or Dyneema
  • Dacron

When should I replace my Crossbow serving?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors, like:

  • If you can see it breaking and wearing, you should replace it.
  • Also, if you feel it is not performing the way it should, you may get rid of it
  • At the same time, if you spot any stretch and creep, you can remove them from your weapon and look for a new one.

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