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What Does Deer Poop Look Like | How to Use it For Scouting and Hunting Deer?

scouting deer with poop


Are you a hunter, and you want to find out what does deer poop look like? If yes, this question can help you understand how to scout and hunt deer. You are on the right track because our article will provide you with all the information regarding deer droppings and how can you search for a deer by getting clues from deer poop?

If you want to gather all the knowledge about deer hunting, then the best thing you should be aware of is deer poop. It will help you a lot during your hunting expedition. Knowing about deer poop can help you understand deer position and area.

Also, you can read about poop temperature, color, shape, and other factors that change and matter a lot for a hunter to find the hunt. Hunting is what Americans have been doing for so long and this amazing lifestyle makes us who we, hunters are.


Benefits Of Deer Poop for Hunters in Scouting Deer


There are many benefits during hunting if you, as a hunter, have some know-how about deer poop. It can help you not only identify it but also help you in searching deer trails or bedding.

Deer Poop and Scouting Deer Tips

Lets You Know Their Location If The Poop Is Covered The Game Is Close. If Near Big Plants You Are Close To The Deer Bedding
Using Poop Temperature Fresh Poop Is Warm And Moist So The Deer Is In The Area If These Signs
Pick Up Some Poop You Can Confuse The Deer By Picking Up Some Poop As They Will Smell Poop Instead Of A Hunter
Weather And Poop Poop Amount Changes According To The Weather. Up To 26 Times In Summer & Up To 13 Times On A Winter Day


The location of Poop Helps A lot


Usually, deer go for a feed at twilight; if you find deer poop early morning, it helps you to search the deer trails. If it is in a wide or open field, it could be their feed area. However, it is difficult to hunt deer in the open field area.

You may be near the deer’s bedding if you find deer poop covered. So you can easily search for the place where it is hiding. If you want to learn how to hunt deer with bows and where to shoot them, there is an article that can help in a link here. Another thing is if you find deer poop in heavy plants, then maybe you are near the bedding of deer.

Temperature Of Deer Droppings

Furthermore, you should also check the temperature of the deer poop. If the poop is fresh and warm, you can make your assumptions.

The poop has more temperature and moisture then, which means a deer is still present in this locality.

Control The Odor As A Hunter

Usually, deer can judge a hunter’s presence by smelling a hunter’s scent. However, if you are a hunter, you can confuse the deer by picking up some deer poop.

The smell of deer poop will overcome your scent, and it will not alert the deer. So, you can play smartly by using deer poop.


how to track deer with poop

Weather And Poop Relation

If you are a hunter and are going deer hunting, then you should also keep in mind that in different weather the quantity of deer poop increases and decreases.

In the summer season, deer poop a lot. If you see the average, they poop nearly 26 times a day, so it is easy to search for a deer.

On the other hand, they poop nearly 13 times per day in winter because they get less food. So, if you are in an area that have longer winters in the the United States, you may see such poop droppings.


What Does Deer Poop Look Like in Shape, Color, and Texture?

During the hunting of deer or if you are tracking the deer, if you find a pile of deer droppings and if you know, then you can examine it. It will tell you about the presence of deer in the area.

Moreover, there are many characteristics of the droppings that will help you in finding the deer. This information can help you learn about scouting deer and finding them in your area.


Things You Should Know About Deer Poop

Poop Size Deer Poop Size Is Like A Small Bullet
Shape Round But Pointed From One Side
Texture Hard In Winter And Soft In Summer
Color And Freshness Dark When Fresh And The Color Fades Away With Time
Difference In Male And Female Poop Male Poop Has More Pallets Than A Female Deer’s Poop
Baby Vs Adult Deer Baby Deer Poop Is Round, Separate And Smaller Than Adult Deer.


Size of Droppings

If you see a pile of deer scat after seeing that, you first should check the size of the scat because many other animals also have poop like this, so you should know about the deer size droppings.

The size of the deer’s droppings is small compared to the other animals, and it is just like the size of a small bullet. If you are a hunter, it will help you to identify the deer poop.


deer poop for tracking deer


Shape Of Droppings

Moreover, the shape of the size also helps you and tells you about the presence of the deer. Our article will help you to differentiate between the deer and other animals by seeing the scat. Deer poop is round, but it is pointed from one end.

Texture Of Droppings

Furthermore, one more thing that you should notice in the poop is also the texture of the poop. If you are hunting in summer or fall, the dropping should be soft, but winter is usually hard.

Color of Droppings

The color of deer droppings depends upon the diet of the deer. When the poop is fresh, the color will be black and dark, but with time, the poop will fade and be gray.

If you are a hunter, you can judge the deer’s presence after seeing the poop color. If it is summer, then the color should be black or light brown, but in winter, it is light in color.

What Does Deer Poop Look Like in Male and Female Deer?

You are wrong if you think there is a huge difference in deer poop because of gender. However, as a hunter, you should be aware that there is no huge difference in poop between male and female deer.

Only male deer have more pallets than female deer. It could be because male deer eat more, but if you want to examine them as a hunter, you will notice just a minimal difference.

What Does a Deer Poop Look Like in Baby Deer?

Because baby deer just eat leaves and twigs, so their poop is round, separate, and smaller than adult deer, but as they grow, the poop’s color and size also change because of changes in food.

Baby deer just poop when their mother feeds them and encourages their baby to poop. Furthermore, the mother deer are usually very caring, so they make a lot of effort to protect their babies from predators. According to research for this purpose, they also eat the poop of their babies to finish the scent.

How Can Hunters Differentiate Between the Poop of Deer and Other Animals?

The most important thing you should be aware of as a hunter is that you can differentiate between the poop of deer and different wildlife animals.
Although there is a difference between the scat of different animals, sometimes it is difficult for the hunters to differentiate. So, we provide you with various tips and ideas that will help you a lot during your hunting adventure.


How To Differentiate Deer And Other Animals Poop

Raccoon Poop In The Form Of Tubular Segments Not Pallets
Fox Poop Bigger Than Deer Poop, Plus Twisted From One Side And Pointed From The Other Side
Coyote Rope-Like Shape
Rabbit Not Shiny And Smaller Than Deer Poop
Wild Turkey Poop Male Turkey Has J-Shaped Poop And Female Has Spiral Shape Poop
Mountain Lion Segmented Poop And 5 Inches Long

Raccoon Droppings

So, the first animal you should keep in your mind during hunting is a raccoon. Raccoon poop is also a pile, but the difference between raccoon and deer poop is that raccoon poop is a form of tubular segments, not pallets, and it is much bigger and darker than deer poop.

Fox Droppings

There is a huge difference between fox and deer poop. The poop of foxes is bigger than deer poop. Also, if you notice the poop of the fox, it is twisted from one end and pointed from another. So, if you are a hunter, you can easily notice these dissimilarities.

Coyote Droppings

If you are a hunter, it is easy for you to differentiate between deer and coyote poop because coyote poop is more like wolf poop and has a shape like a rope.

Rabbit Droppings

As a hunter, it is really important to differentiate between rabbit and deer poop. Rabbit poop is really similar to white-tailed deer. There are some minor differences, like rabbit poop is smaller than deer poop, and rabit poop is not shiny as well. It is matt, but the deer poop is shiny and smooth.

Wild Turkey Scat

You can easily identify the poop of wild turkeys because the shape of deer’s and wild turkey’s poop is different; the male wild turkey has J-shaped poop, and the female wild Tukey’s poop has a spiral shape.

Mountain Lion

Mountain lions have larger poop than deer. The poop of mountain lions is approximately 5 inches. Moreover, it is segmented. So, it is easy to differentiate between deer and mountain lion poop.

What Does Deer Poop Look Like When It is Fresh?

Deer poop, usually in summer and fall, can be in piles and black or dark brown, but in winter, it is scattered and can be light in color. Again, it’s because of the diet that they take.

When the poop is fresh, it has a dark color, like black or dark brown, and the poop is warm, but by the time the color starts to fade, it becomes hard.

How Can Hunter Track Deer and How Poop Helps in Tracking?

As we know, if you are a hunter, you should be aware of some tricks and techniques to hunt a deer. There are many techniques to scout a deer, but the best one is to search the deer poop.

If you search for a lot of poop in some areas, then it is more likely that a deer has bedding. So, if the poop is more, it will help you estimate the deer’s size. If there is more poop, then a bigger animal is present in the area.

You can also identify the presence of the deer by checking the freshness of the poop.

What Does Deer Poop Look Like in Different Deer Species and Helps Hunters?

The poop of deer is also different in some species of deer. Maybe it is because of the size of the animal. As a hunter, you should know these facts.


How To Find Out Deer Type With Its Poop

Whitetail Smaller Pallets Than Other Deer Types
Reindeer Bullet-Shaped With Pointed From One Side And Curved From The Other
Fallow  Has Rounded Poop With Black Color That Changes Into Brown
Red Deer Large Sized With Pointed From One Side And Rounded From The Other
Roe  Cylindrical In Shape And Smaller
Sika Have Scattered Pallets
Muntjac  Point On One Side And Dimple On The Other Side
Moose Mushroom Shaped In Summer And Oval In Winter And Bigger Than Other Deer Types

deer hunting and poop

What Does Whitetail Deer Poop Look Like?


Whitetail deer have small colons, so the pellets of the whitetail deer are also smaller than other deer species. In addition, because they can graze vegetables and grass in the summer, the droppings are clumpy and moist.

But in the winter, because vegetables are less available, they usually eat twigs and bark, so the poop is hard and less shiny.

What Do Reindeer Droppings Look Like?

Reindeer poop is small and like a bullet. It is pointed at one end of the drop, but the other side is curved. As a result, reindeer usually produce more droppings.

What Do Fallow Deer Droppings Look Like?

Fallow deer poop is much rounded at one point. Its color is quite similar to red deer poop. It is also black, and its color changes into brown color, but the poop of fallow deer is smaller than red deer.

What Do Red Deer Droppings Look Like?

Red deer have large droppings. These droppings are pointed from one side and curved from the other. When these droppings are fresh, they have black color, but when time gradually passes, they turn brown.

What Do Roe Deer Droppings Look Like?

The poop of the roe deer is shiny, and the color is black. The droppings of roe deer are cylindrical, and the droppings are small.

What Do Sika Deer Droppings Look Like?

If you observe groups of scattered pellets, then it could be sika deer. Like red deer, they also have stick pellets but fewer than red deer.

Reeves Muntjac Droppings Look Like?

Reeves Muntjac deer have cylindrical droppings. The droppings usually have a point on one side and a dimple on the other side.

What do Moose Droppings Look Like?

Because the moose is big in size as compared to other deer, so the scat is also bigger. In winter, because of the diet, the scat of moose looks like oval balls, but in the summer, because they can get more diet, the scat looks like mushrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Fresh Deer Poop Look Like?

Fresh deer poop should be shiny and dark in color, and it should be warm.

What Does Fox Poop Look Like?

Fox droppings are pointed from one end, and these could be any color between light to dark brown.

What is The Difference Between Rabbit Vs Deer Scat?

There are minor differences in rabbit and deer droppings. Rabbit’s poop is smaller, and it is mate, but deer poop is a little bit larger and is shiny.

What Does Female Deer Poop Look Like?

Female deer poop has fewer palettes as compared to male poop. Usually, female deer poop has 50 to 60 pellets in a pile.

What Does Coyote Poop Look Like?

Coyote poop is like a rope because the coyote is from a dog family, so its poop is quite similar to wolf poop.

What is a Deer Scat Identification for Hunters?

You can easily identify deer scat by looking at deer pellets. These are round, small in size, and pointed at one end.

What is The Difference Between Bear Poop Vs Deer Poop?

There is a huge difference between deer and bear poop, so you can easily differentiate them. The bear poop is larger than the deer poop. It is approximately 12 inches long, and the shape of the poop is like a tube, but deer poop is round-shaped.

What Does Baby Deer Poop Look Like?

Baby deer poop is smaller in size, and the color is different because they eat only leaves and twigs.


tracking deer with poop

Final Thoughts

Using deer poop information can really help you find out about your hunt’s position. Also, you can find out about the differences between deer poop and other animals’ droppings. You can read about rabbit poop, fox poop, mountain lion poop, and other animals dropping to find out if deer is in the area or if the poop belongs to some other animal.

You can also read to find out about the size, color, and texture of deer poop in different conditions. Once you identify deer droppings, you can find out if the animal is nearby and identify different deer-type droppings. Also, you can find out if the deer you are looking to hunt is a male, a female, or a baby deer.