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Top Crossbow Deer Hunting Accessories Every Hunter Needs To Know

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As we know, if you are passionate about deer, you are always searching for the best calibers, tools, and accessories. If you have already bought a crossbow, then the next important target is to choose the accessories for it.

In this article, we will help you choose important and general crossbow accessories. We hope this will help professionals and people who have had less time in the woods.

Crossbow Sights

If you want to see your deer clearly at various distances, then the best choice is telescopic sight. It is the most important crossbow accessory and magnifies your hunting target. It collects more light from your surroundings and increases the accuracy of your shot. Because of the lighter, the visibility of the target improves.

There are several kinds of sights readily available. Whether for close-range, rapid, or long-range shooting, all are on the deck.

Crossbow Quiver

A quiver is one of the best crossbow accessories and a perfect choice to transport and move your additional arrows. During hunting, you need more arrows because you have no idea about the circumstances. You can attach this quiver not only with your bow but also with your belt.

It will increase your speed of catching an arrow during a rapid deer hunting session. Also, you can read about the best crossbow types for deer hunting.

Crossbow Sling

If you are searching for equipment that will help you carry your bow and help you to move freely in the woods, then the best option is a sling. Sling is like a strap that attaches to your crossbow then you can hang it on your shoulder like a bag.

Crossbow Cocking Device

Although you can cock your bow without any cocking device, it is highly recommended if you are a beginner and want to protect your fingers from any harm. Usually, hunters use a rope cocking device. It is a rope, and it has two handles on both ends. As well as there are two small hooks that you can use to pull the string back. It makes the loading process easy.

Crossbow Targets

There are numerous forms of targets on the market, like bag targets, 3D targets, and foam block targets. If you are in search of a target at a minimal price, then the bag target is a good option. 3D hunting targets give you a clear picture and 3D image of your deer. Sometimes it also indicates where the heart of the deer and also the anatomy of the deer.

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These targets help you a lot, not only in hunting season but also to improve your target in the off-season.

Crossbow Arrows/Bolts

Good quality arrows and bolts are essential and must-have hunting tools in your case. The more powerful arrows help you to shoot a deer effortlessly. In addition, they maximize the overall performance of your bow.
The only thing you should remember before buying arrows and bolts is that the length and weight of your arrows should be according to the draw weight and power stroke of your bow.


As we know that if we want to do a big game, we need sharp arrow tips so we can use different types of broadheads according to our hunting demand. There are two different types of broadheads available in the market. One is a fixed blade, and the other one is mechanical. We can use these sharp tips on our arrows to help penetrate the deer. Also, we have a blog that can help you find out about the best crossbow deer hunting tips you can use.

Arrow Puller

An Arrow puller is really useful if you want to pull an arrow from your target animal. You can easily damage your arrow shaft if you use your hands instead of an arrow puller. With the help of an arrow puller, you just clinch the arrow shaft and pull it out without any harm.

String Wax

From the name of this tool, you can easily judge that this is for the protection of the string. As we know, you can’t repair its string at home, so by keeping this thing in mind, try to take precautions for its maintenance. The best thing you can use is string wax to avoid wear and tear on the string. It will prevent the string from tarnishing and drying out. Also, you can read about how to use wax for your crossbow string servings for better maintainance.

Bow Case

Another important and vivid part is to buy a protective case or a backpack. It will help you during your travels. Not only can you carry all the accessories and the bow without any problem, but you can also move freely, and you will not face the storage problem.

As well as this case will help you to protect all your apparatuses. If we talk about the case’s material, the outer part should be hard material, and the inner part should be soft material like foam.

Stabilizer For The Bow

Crossbow creates more noise and vibration that can affect the accuracy of your target. To overcome the movement and vibration, you can use a stabilizer. It will enhance your shooting performance and will be a great addition to your deer hunting tools collection.

A Stand

If you are searching for a tool that increases the stability of your bow and the accuracy of your target, then the great option is a stand. If we see the kinds of stands in the market, there are two. One is a bipod, and the other one is a tripod. The bipod has two legs, and the tripod has three legs.

These stands can be used to hold your bow during shooting and protect the extra vibration that produces because of hand movement.

Silencer For The Bow

The noise during the shoot is the most annoying thing for deer hunters. As we already know, deer have sharp ears and can escape sensing this noise. To reduce this sound, we can use a silencer and crossbow dampeners. These silencers are used on the string and other parts of the bow.

Lighted Nocks

If you want to trace the location of your arrow and where it is moving, especially at dawn, dusk, and night, then a perfect thing you can use is a lighted nock. Moreover, you can also locate where your arrows have dropped. But the use of lighted nocks depends on the states where you live because, in some states of the USA, these are banned.

Butt Pads

We know that eliminating recoil is impossible, but we can overcome it with different equipment and tools. One of these apparatuses is butt pads too. It will help you to silence your bow during the stalking of deer and shooting it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which material is good for the crossbow target?

Polyester foam is lightweight, portable, and can stop the bolts of powerful crossbows.

How can I do proper maintenance of my cocking device?

You can use any lubricant on and off on your cocking device. It will keep it rust-free and protect it from tarnishing.

Can we use a lighted nock?

If you are living in the state of the USA where it is permitted to use an arrow with a lighted nock, then you can use it.

What should be the minimum length of an arrow?

The minimum length of an arrow should be 22 inches.

What should be the minimum arrow weight of a crossbow?

The minimum arrow weight should be 420 grains in total.

Which is a good place to attach a quiver?

It depends on your ease. You can attach it to your back, belt, or even with your crossbow.

Where can I buy all the accessories for a crossbow?

You can buy these from any sports shop and from Amazon easily.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I tried my best to elaborate all the essential gears of the crossbow fully. So you can select that; those can play a vital role in your deer hunting adventure.

In the end, I want to add one really important thing tests all the crossbows accessories before using them in the woods. It will not only help you understand them, but if there is any problem, you can resolve it beforehand.

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