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Ultimate Guide About Types of Crossbows Every Deer Hunter Needs To Have

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As we know, crossbows are now allowed in many states of the USA for deer hunting. If you are interested in them and want one, then our blog can help you big time. It will provide you with all the information on different types from the past till now and how they evolved over time.

This weapon is a good choice because it is a powerful weapon, and you can use it easily, even if you are a beginner.

Different Types of Crossbows for Hunters

If we see the history of these weapons, it was first made in China and was a good weapon for hunting and protection in wars. But over time, it has changed, and now it is a more advanced and deadly weapon for hunting.

There are various types of theirs, so as a deer hunter, you can choose one as you want. Hunters like them because of their reliability, durability, and economic efficiency.

Some major types of theirs are mentioned below that will definitely help you in the hunting of any whitetail deer, sika deer, fallow deer, mule deer, or reindeer.

Recurve Crossbows

As you can understand from their name, the limbs of this one are in the form of recurves. At the end of the limbs, firstly, the limbs bend down from the front part of the weapon, and then they come forward. This process makes an arch.

It is the ancient form and is the same as the Chinese used in the 5th Century. Here are the pros and cons of Recurve Crossbow as under.

crossbow types for hunters

Some Pros of Recurve Crossbows

  • Their limbs create more power.
  • These types have more draw length.
  • Because of its powerful nature, it is good for big deer species like mules, moose, and Elk.
  • Their limbs are made up of different materials.
  • These are easy to use, so they are good for beginners.
  • In all types you can maintain these with fewer tools.
  • They are inexpensive and cost-friendly.
  • They look classy and elegant.

Some Cons Of Recurve Crossbows

  • Because of their bigger size, it is difficult to carry them in narrow places.
  • They also create more noise.
  • These are bulky, so it is difficult to carry them in the wilderness.
  • So, these are the pros and cons of recurve types, and I hope these will help you in making a decision.

Compound Crossbows

Like a compound bow, compound type weapon also have cams and pulleys. This is one of the most powerful types. These cams and pulleys make them more powerful than the recurve type. Also, you can learn about compound bows for deer hunting.

It works with cams and cables. Because of the movements of pulleys, a bend is created in the limbs of compound type. Deer hunters like to carry it because it has more pros.

There are some pros and cons of these weapons that are as under.

Pros of Compound Crossbows

  • They are more reliable for deer hunting.
  • They create less noise as compared to compound types.
  • Because of pulleys, it absorbs more energy and is more powerful.

Cons Of Compound Type Crossbows

  • Compound types require a lot of maintenance and, sometimes, are difficult to manage because it has many moving parts.
  • It is heavy, so it is also difficult to carry.
  • Also, they are more expensive.

Forward Draw Crossbows

Forward-draw weapon is also called a conventional-draw type. These are the perfect ones for new deer hunters. Their risers are like the ones of recurve types, but they are near the front of the barrel. It has a power stroke of 13.5 inches, and the velocity of the firing is 350 feet.
There are also some pros and cons of these bows.

Pros of Forward Draw Crossbows

  • It is a good option if you want to start deer hunting and you are a beginner.
  • You can rely on their accuracy.
  • They have good speed and are easy to manage.
  • They are less expensive as compared to the reverse draw weapon.

crossbow types for hunters

Their Cons

  • It is heavier from the front of the weapon.
  • They are more expensive than recurve types and compound type.

Reverse Draw Variation

In this type of bow, the limbs are fitted to the front, but in other ones, the limb is attached to the back of the stock. It is a really good short form of such bows and easy to manage in clogged and jammed hunting sites. The cams are also more forward at the front of the bow. We have also covered recurve bows and how you can use them for deer hunting.

The pros and cons of Reverse Draw Crossbow are as under.

Pros Of These Bows

  • It is easy to handle even in congested hunting forests.
  • They produce minimal noise and recoil.
  • Their cams are at the front, so it has more power and speed.
  • It is a good and reliable choice for big hunting games.

Cons Of These Bows

  • It is hard to find a reverse-draw type in the market.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to understand the mechanism of reverse drawing weapon, especially for beginners.
  • The maintenance of this one requires more time and is difficult to manage.

Rifle Crossbows

From the name, you can easily understand that these are type of weapons that work like a rifle. These are a higher level of compound bow. In this type, limbs are closer to the shaft. It is a really good choice for professional deer hunters and more effective for long-range shooting.

Pros of These Weapons

  • Rifle crossbows are more powerful than simple compound crossbows.
  • These are highly accurate and reliable.
  • Because it works like a rifle, so it is easy to shoot.
  • It has less recoil and vibration, so it is among the best options for deer hunting.

Their Cons

It has only one disadvantage it can be really expensive, but if you can afford and want a good one for long-range deer hunting, then nothing can beat it.

Pistol Crossbows

These are lightweight and simple ones, just like a pistol, so you can easily use it only with one hand. This type is like a recurve crossbow but in a smaller size. These are not automatic, but you can easily use the lever of the pistol type.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages you would like to know.

Their Pros

  • These are easy to use and can be shot with one hand, so if your one hand is injured, then you can use it with ease.
  • These bows are smaller, so you can easily carry them.
  • A good option if you want to give a first crossbow to your child because they can use it without any problem.

deer hunters crossbow types

Their Cons

  • This type has some limitations too
  • Because these are smaller in size, so the draw weight is also less.
  • In some states of the USA, it is banned to use.

Bullet Crossbows

We can understand the mechanism of this weapon, as we can see the name bullet crossbow. This type uses bullets instead of bolts. It is small in size as well as lightweight. The bullets are also formed from different materials like metal, wood, or clay. If you are a deer hunter, you can use metal bullets.

There are also some pros and cons of these.

Pros Of Bullet Crossbows

  • The bullet crossbow is lightweight, so it will be easy to carry during deer hunting adventures.
    It is easy to use, so really good for beginners and young hunters.

Cons Of These Bows

  • It is unauthorized in some states of the US.
  • Perfect for small hunting games.
  • Only some manufacturers are making it, so it is not easily available in the market.

Repeating Crossbows

As you can easily judge from the name of this one, it is a semi-automatic one. It is like a modern rifle and has a magazine like a rifle that is filled with bolts, usually 5 to 10, and has a lever too.

It is used for rapid fire and is one of the best weapon.

Their Pros

  • They are stylish and look elegant.
  • Easy to use and good for beginners.
  • They have a rapid fire.

Their Cons

  • The magazine of the crossbow hinders your target, so it can affect the accuracy of your target.
  • There are only a few models available, so you have a limited choice of selection.

Automatic Type

Automatic ones are really advanced technology. Like a gun, it also shoots many arrows at the first reload because it is difficult to reload such a weapon, so you can avoid this hassle by using an automatic one.

Traditional Weapons

From the name, we can understand that this is a traditional type made up of different traditional supplies. It has a classic mechanism. Usually, it has a wooden stock and a steel bow.

Medieval Types

Medieval types are also like traditional ones. These are really heavy in size and are difficult to carry, and need more strength to operate.

crossbow types for hunters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the two main types of crossbows?

It is a regular question that people usually ask, what are the two most common types of them? The two important and main types are the recurved ones and the compound types.

Which type of crossbow is more powerful?

Compound crossbows are the most powerful and fastest ones and are an impressive choice for deer hunting.

Which type of crossbow is good for beginners?

There are many crossbows that are good for beginners, like Rifle types, Pistol, and Forward Draw.
Is Bullet Crossbow legal in all the states of the USA?
Bullet weapons are not legal in all states of the USA. But it is illegal in some states.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we just want to say there are many different types of crossbows, but we tried to mention all the common types. If you want to go deer hunting, hopefully, this blog will help you to choose one wisely, which will enhance your enjoyment and thrill.

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