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Compound Bow Shooting Tips, Techniques, and Procedures for Deer Hunting

compound bow shooting tips for deer hunting

In this article, we will help you and try to give you all the tips and techniques that you should keep in mind and apply while shooting a compound bow. If you are a deer hunter and like to do hunting by using a compound bow, then our article will help you and guide you about all the compound bow shooting tips. We hope it will increase your deer hunting fun and adventure.

Compound Bow Shooting Tips for Hunters

If you are a hunter and want to learn some basic shooting tips for a compound bow, read our article thoroughly. Before shooting a compound bow, there are some points that you should keep in mind.

Maintenance of Your Compound Bow

Fully maintain your compound bow; this is the first and foremost important point of shooting compound bow tips that you should follow. If your compound bow is not in a good position or has a lot of rust and dust, it will not work well. Do regular cleaning of your compound bow to overcome this problem.

A Lot of Practice

It is a common proverb that “practice makes a man perfect,” so if you want to be a perfectionist in shooting a compound bow, then do a lot of practice, especially in the off-season. This practice will help you, and you will see a drastic change in your compound bow shooting. Also, you can read about hunting deer with a recurve bow sight. It will help you in your deer hunting expeditions.

Use Various Accessories

Don’t hesitate to use a different type of accessory. These accessories will increase the power of your compound bow and help you shoot. Use sights, peep sights, silencers, and stabilizers.

compound bow shooting tips

How To Aim a Walking Deer

If you want to hunt a walking deer, the shooting distance should be around 20 yards. It will have a lower chance of error and missing the target; otherwise, hunting a walking deer from long range is impossible.

Take a Decision Quickly

We have already discussed many compound bow tips, but this one is really important. Always keep your compound bow in your hand during deer hunting because sometimes you can see a deer when you move back.
So it may be difficult to run and catch your compound bow at that time. If you have your compound bow, you can make a quick decision and hunt deer fast.

Choose the Best Quality

A very important thing you should remember is to research which type and which brand compound bows are good. If you choose the best-quality compound bow, you can go deer hunting easily. On the other hand, low-quality compound bows can get jammed and can tarnish easily.

How Beginners Should Shoot a Compound Bow

If you are a beginner and have bought your first compound bow, you should remember some tips and techniques before shooting a compound bow. These compound bow tips for beginners are really effective.

Take Care of String

Take a lot of care of your compound bow string. This is one of the best tips for shooting a compound bow. Maintain it well and clean your string. If there is dust on your compound bow string, it can create a problem for you.
For good care of your string, you should use bow string wax. It is easily available on the market. First, rub some wax on the string. After some time, it will disappear and will make your string new.

Buy a Bow Sling

Buy a bow sling because it is a really useful accessory. Attach your bow sling to your stabilizer, and it will help to keep your compound bow from falling as well as stabilize it. Also, we have a blog where you can read about the most essential accessories you need to have as a hunter for your compound bow hunting.

Punch the Trigger Lightly

A trigger is the one accessory you can easily buy that helps you a lot in compound bow shooting. There are many different types of triggers available on the market. You can buy one easily, attach your trigger to your string, and draw your string lightly. Don’t apply too much pressure. We also have an article on how you can make a laminated recurve bow for deer hunting.

Do Anchoring

Take your arrow and do some anchoring. Set the end of your arrow in the string. For instance, if you hear the voice of tuck, then anchoring is done; after that, find your anchor point. Usually, the anchoring point is the cheeks of the hunter. When you draw an arrow then near your cheeks, you rest your drawing hand. This is called the anchoring point. Choose one anchoring point where you feel relaxed.

compound bow shooting tips

Set Your Position

Set yourself in a comfortable position and identify your good stance. The first thing that you should do is to straighten your body and relax it.
Ensure that your feet are wide apart at the same distance as your shoulders. Also, your left foot should be in front if you are right-handed, and your right foot should be in front if you are left-handed. Stand straight, tuck your tummy inside, and flatten your back.

Use Two Fingers

For the draw of an arrow, use two or three fingers. Usually, hunters use two fingers, and there should be harmony between your fingers to avoid a jerk. So, one finger should be on the top of the arrow, and one should be under the arrow.

Release Arrow Faster

Don’t hold back the arrow for a long time. One thing is for sure: a good release is within 7 seconds. For instance, if you hold it for more time, then you can be distracted easily. At the same time, mental preparation is the key point before shooting a compound bow. If you are not mentally prepared, don’t shoot a compound bow.

Exercise Regularly

If you exercise regularly, then it will help you build muscle strength. Also, you can try a lot of cardio, swimming, and pushups. If your muscles are strong, you can handle your compound bow without difficulty and bear the weight of your compound bow with one hand.

Method of Shooting a Compound Bow

• Firstly, stand in a comfortable position, and there should be a gap between your feet like the distance between your shoulders. This is called a hunting stance.
• Secondly, nocking an arrow It is a process in which you push an arrow back into the bowstring at the nocking point, and this makes the click sound.
• Thirdly, attach the release to your bowstring and draw the bow smoothly back by using your arms’ muscles.
• Also, you should remember during compound bow shooting that your grip on the handle should be relaxed. If you hold it tightly, then it can rotate your compound bow, and you can miss your target.
• The anchor point is the fixed position at which your hand rests on your jaw and cheeks.
• Also, look at your target in sight and slowly and smoothly release your arrow.
• In the last, follow through with your arrow after releasing it and keep your eye on it until it hits the target.

So, this is a method and procedure for shooting a compound bow. So, these are the best tips for shooting a compound bow. With these tricks, you can easily target a deer and hunt it with a compound bow.

compound bow shooting tips hunters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which accessories should I buy for a compound bow?

The accessories of a compound bow are sights, stabilizers, a bow rest, peep sights, release aids, string suppressors, and a wrist sling.

How much should you wait before releasing an arrow?

An arrow should be released within 7 seconds. Otherwise, you might get distracted.

What can we use to make the string new?

You can use bowstring wax. It is easily available on the market, and your string will become new by rubbing it.

How can daily exercise help us while shooting a compound bow?

The exercise routine will increase the strength of our muscles so we can easily handle the weight of a compound bow.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I just want to say that we should improve our stance, anchor the arrow, release the arrow fast, choose a good quality compound bow, and buy various accessories. Also, you should take care of your compound bow and its string, as well as do exercises daily with a lot of practice. By following all these tips for shooting a compound bow, we can do so smoothly.


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