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How To Use A Peep Sight On A Compound Bow For Deer Hunting?

tips for compound bow peep sights

We all know that compound bows can be really handy when you use peep sights for deer hunting. So, if you want to use peep sights, ensure you understand their basic requirements. Also, ensure you know how to install them on your compound bow. Moreover, you can be more successful when you use the right methods for using compound bow peep sights for deer hunting when on the field. So, you understand how you can use a them on a compound bow for deer hunting.

So, this and a lot more in this article, so let’s dive right into it!

Types of Peep Sights

There are two basic types of compound bow peep sights you can find in the market, these are:

  • Free-floating types
  • Rubber cord peep

The most common materials for compound bow peeps are:

  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Magnesium.

Next, you can read how you can use them for deer hunting.

How To Use Peep Sight When Hunting?

It is important to ensure you adjust your head during your deer hunting when using a compound bow. You will have issues with the right head position if it is too high or low. For instance, if your peep is too high, your head will have to be too high, and vice versa.

At the same time, keeping your sight too low means that you cannot kill a deer at a longer distance. Moreover, you will not be able to aim well when using it too high. So, if you make any head position changes, your head will put pressure on your string. This way, you can have issues when you are releasing your arrow.

Tips For Better Release

  • Your arrow end should be between your lip and chin, allowing you better release.
  • Ensure you learn the best form for compound bow hunting by keeping your head and hands in the right position. So, you can make sure you can practice a great release and not change your head position every time you want to draw your string back.
  • This way, you can understand what peep placement you should have for your compound bow.
  • Also, you should ensure your rear sight is aligned with your front compound bow sight.
  • One great thing you can do is to draw your string fully and measure the distance between your peep sight and your arrow.
  • This way, you can measure the distance you should have between your eye and where your arrow should be.

using compound bow peep sights for deer hunting

Some More Things To Keep In Mind

So, here are some tips you must keep in mind, like avoiding adding weight to the string to get more speed and avoid vibration during the release. Another thing to remember is that a simple one will be more practical and work well for deer hunting. Its diameter or hole size in the peep makes a huge difference. Your peep should give you a vision aligning with your other front sights.

It is a possibility that the larger it is, the less alignment you will have. So, learn this to ensure your compound bow hunting goes well.

It will get even more complicated with low light conditions. Ensure that your they offer enough light when you are looking to release to kill your deer. It should allow you to get enough light for your hunting. Also, you can use a pin sight that allows you enough illumination to ensure you can see through them.

Light And Cleaning Issues

The thing is, the less the light, the more difficult it will be to see through it and use it for deer hunting. A smaller one may help you with longer distances in deer hunting situations. Their magnifiers can help people with vision issues. We also have a blog on different types of compound bows that can really beneficial for deer hunters, so try that out too.

But such peeps can be really difficult to use owing to their cleaning issues. So, try avoiding such peeps in hunting settings, as raindrops or dust can be difficult to clean. Your sight and front sight diameters should match to ensure you get better vision and accuracy during your deer hunting. Be consistent with the type of vision you have through them. This way, you can learn more about a certain position, making your accuracy better.

Adjustments And Peep Sight Size

You can try using quarter-inch types that allow you a great amount of light allowing better targeting. Make adjustments between front sights and peep sights to ensure better targeting. So, you know how you can use a sight on a compound bow when hunting deer in any terrain.

tips to use compound bow peep sights for deer hunting

How To Install A Peep Sight On A Compound Bow?

You can also do it without having to use a bow press. Follow these steps:

  • Start your work by grabbing two bowstring separators. You can separate the bowstring with the help of these separators.
  • Make sure you fit your peep sight into the two separated bowstring parts.
  • Then, you can remove your separators from there.
  • The hole-side of the peep should be in a direction that allows you to see through your sight.
  • You should have a release and an arrow for the next steps. First, make sure you load your bow and then use your release.
  • Then, you should draw your string; your helper can help you by adjusting the peep according to your needs.
  • You can draw your string if you are alone and want to make sure your peep works well.
  • Once you have your peep sight close to your eye, you can check whether it works for your needs.
  • Next, you should adjust your peep and work and then use it well. Then, just make sure that your sight is perfect for your needs.

After Testing With Your Eye


  • Then, you should have a blade, a lighter, and a compound bow serving.
  • Next, you should make your serving slide into your peep string hole where you have your peep.
  • Then, you should slide it to make sure it supports your sight and then tie it in a way your sight has the support it needs.
  • Also, make sure you tie it with your string to make its position stronger. Making sure that your string is tied well to keep your sight on your string. So, keep this in your mind at all times.
  • Once it is settled, you can cut the end of your serving. Then, you can use a lighter to burn the end of your serving. This way, you will have a serving ending that makes your peep sight perfect for your deer hunting needs.

Now, you know about a lot about compound bow peep sights, also you can read about compound bow hunting in a detailed guide we published earlier.

How To Replace a Peep Sight On A Compound Bow?

  • Start by removing your serving ends with a razor. Make sure you never cut your string in any way. This way, you do not have to cause any damage to what you do not want to remove.
  • Then you should ensure you add serving inside your string hole to ensure you can take from the same point you left earlier.
  • You can wax your string to ensure it stays in the right form.
  • Relax your string as you have your bow on a bow press.
  • Then you can slide your peep sight into your compound bow string.
  • Once you have aligned your sight according to your needs, you can start tying it to ensure your compound bow gets the right accuracy.
  • When you have your serving in the right place, you should burn it with a lighter to ensure it has the right strength and alignment.

how to use compound bow peep sights


How do peep sights help in compound bow deer hunting?

This equipment is perfect if you want to achieve consistent accuracy as it allows you to align the bowstring, sight pins, and target during your shooting. So, you get better accuracy when you use them.

How does a peep sight help during deer hunting expeditions?

The main benefit of this equipment is just like other types of sights you can find on the market. They help you get the best accuracy when you use them for hunting. You can see through them and align your target with your arrow to target better. It may even help you get repeatability with a better streak. Still, they are different than their counterparts.

How to choose the best peep sight for deer hunting?

Use the ones that have the following features and benefits

  • They should always be durable, and compatible the bowstring diameter
  • Also, make sure it is lightweight
  • You can try materials like aluminum and polymer

What is the best way to align these equipment?

The main thing to keep here in mind is to get the best picture of your hunt during your shooting process. So, you must align it with the pins and also set its height well. At the same time, you should never compromise on the clarity when you see through it.

Is it suitable to try them in low-light conditions?

Using their light-sources versions and accessories that help with it can be helpful in such conditions. So, this may help you during the time early in the morning and during the evening times. This way, you can also get better results if the terrain has too much wood, greenery and plants.

Final Thoughts

Now, these are the tips and tricks you should know for using compound bow peep sights. So, the better you know about your sights, the better deer hunting you can have. As deer hunters, you can find a sweet spot between tips and practical experience by actually doing the act.

Make sure that you use these deer-hunting tips to ensure your bow-hunting journey goes amazingly well. So, use peep sights for compound bow hunting, as they can be really handy for your deer hunting experience.


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