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How To Sight In A Compound Bow For Deer Hunting? (1-pin and 3-pin Sights Included)!

sighting in a compound bow for deer hunters

So, you are looking to go into a terrain full of healthy dinner we call deer? Let it be an easier journey as we bring you all the information you need for sighting in a compound bow. Making sure your journey is easy. So you will be able to read about multiple topics. For example, you can read about how you can sight in a 3-pin bow and also a 1-pin bow.

We will try our best to give you all the information you need for sighting in compound bows when you are hunting deer in the wild with compound bows. This article will give you information about how to sight in a compound bow with every step covered.

So, let’s dive right into it!

Why Sighting a Compound Bow is Important?

Before we start the journey of knowing how you can sight in a compound bow, you need to find out why does it even matter? So, here are some points you will surely love as a deer hunter in the united states:

Sighting in can help you hit your deer targets more accurately, and you need to learn the right pin settings for your distance from the deer. This way, you also have more confidence to shoot your deer right in the vitals to get a more accurate shot. This is how you get the most ethical kill and a healthy and yum dinner.

How To Sight In A Compound Bow At 20 Yards Distance?

Set up your target by putting tapes horizontal and vertical to help you find the right positions for your pins.

  • Shoot 3-shot groupings every time, and you can make an impact to find the right results.
  • You need a tool to adjust it. Try using Allen keys to change the elevation of it.
  • Also, you should make your horizontal positions according to your needs.
  • Finally, make sure your complete bow is tuned well.

Tuning, Stabilization And Targeting

  • Ensure every part that makes the compound bow is kept in mind, like the rests and other parts.
  • Your bow should always be tuned well to ensure you get perfect results.
  • Try using your quiver to stabilize your bow.
  • Also, you can go closer to your target when you are looking to start your sighting and have not shot much before.
  • Hit 3-shots grouping before you make any adjustments to them. When you see your broadheads on your target, you can find out if you need to improve your sights or not. You should move your it onto the left side if you go left on the target.

This way, you can improve your sighting for a great deer hunting expedition. Also, you should find out if you should move it up or down. And if your arrows were going up on the target, you can move them up to ensure you get better shots and sighting in.

sighting in a compound bow for hunting

Sighting In Compound Bow At 30 Yards

Once you have sighted in at 20 yards distance, there is no need to move all the pins; you only need to move the 30-yard pin whenever you think you need an adjustment. The same rule applies here if your arrows are going below the target, you should move your 30-yard pin down.

Once you have the adjustment, you can take three more shots and see the results you get after this. Again, there’s a great chance that you will be able to hit the target perfectly this way.

Adjusting Your Shots

So, when you start this, just remember that you have to move your pin to the side you are hitting off the target. For instance, if you are hitting the target on the left of the center, you should move your side to the left and vice versa.

When it comes to adjusting bottom pins from the 3rd to any more you have, you should adjust your pins and not the whole set during this process. Make sure you hit the target’s right part before you finalize whether your pin is adjusted perfectly or not. Also, you can read about how you can use a peep sight for deer hunting.

How to Sight in a 5-Pin Type?

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Start by targeting with your arrow.
  • When you shoot your arrow, you will realize what kind of adjustments you need to make.
  • First, lossen its screws when you are looking to adjust. Then, you can make your adjustment with the help of Allen keys.
  • Push down your top section and push it down if you want to aim higher; however, you can push it up if you want to aim lower.

Adjustments Are A Must

  • Also, you can move your back section to ensure you can make your adjustments to get the best targeting.
  • Once you are done with the 20-yard pin, you can go on and adjust your 30-yard pin.
  • The thing here to remember is to adjust only the distance pin you want to use for your deer hunting.
  • Another thing to remember is you should keep it and bow tuned in the right and also ensure you remove any factors that change. These variable factors can cause you issues in making sure you have sighted in the right way.

tips for sighting in a compound bow as a deer hunter

Paper Tuning Your Arrows

Paper tuning can also help you when looking to do this process for deer hunting.

  • Paper tuning is around 10 to 15 feet away from your position.
  • Put your paper tuning box before your target and keep it farther.
  • Ensure your arrow goes through the paper box before it hits the target.
  • This way, you can understand the strength behind your arrow and how well you can hit in a real deer hunting scenario.
  • Make sure you use the right arrows and try different ones before finalizing the type you want.
  • When you hit the paper box, you will be able to have a suitable hole in the target when you hit with the right arrow.

Our guide on how to use a compound bow for deer hunting can help you find out more about this amzing sport.

How To Sight In A Compound Bow 3 Pin?

This process will be quite similar to the other ones we mentioned, but there are several details you need to know. So, here are some steps to follow on how to sight in a compound bow.

  • Put it on and make the adjustments to ensure you hit your target perfectly.
  • Once you are done with a smaller yardage targeting, go for the target with the top pin.
  • Many deer hunters believe in doubling your distance and adjusting your pin to the left if your arrows are going left of the target and vice versa.

When Ready For The Second-Pin


  • When you are ready for the second pin, you should go for around 30 yards of distance. Again, try shooting some arrows, and you can adjust the entire sight box to perfect your targeting.
  • When setting the third one, you do not have to adjust the whole side box; just make sure you adjust the third pin. On the other hand, you should also remember to move to 40 yards or four times the distance you shot for the first time.
  • One more thing to remember is that your second and first pins are adjusted well. So when you finish your third pin, you can go to the previous positions and see if your first and 2nd pins are working perfectly.

How To Sight In A 1-Pin Compound Bow?

This section can help you with how you sight in a compound bow. You can learn to do this with a compound bow with 1 pin. So, you need to learn this as a deer hunter.

  • Start by shooting arrows with your compound bow, and once you know what position they hit, you know how to adjust it.
  • When you have to adjust, a simple rule of thumb is to move the housing them.
  • So what you have to do is that you adjust it to the right if your arrows are going that way, and the same goes with the vertical adjustment.
  • When adjusting it on a 20 yards distance, you can try the same way you did earlier.

Tips For 30-Yards Distance

  • The process of adjusting your site on 30 yards will be different. When you are 30 yards away, you must make the changes by adjusting the sight wheel.
  • The same goes for bigger distances, as you must use the wheel to adjust your sight and not any other part.
    So you should not make any changes but the adjustments with the vertical but with they come with the wheel.

tips for sighting in a compound bow for deer hunting

  • You can make marks for your shots and compare them to your available tapes. Once you find the tape that suits you best, you can use it to ensure it meets your marks, and then you can use that tape to find your sighting in up to 60 yards.
  • Also, you can improve your precision and adjust it further by going farther back, and it will help you improve your target.
  • This way, you will have a measurement on your compound bow that you can use as the gold standard to hit your deer targets easily.


What should be the frequency of sighting in a compound bow for deer hunting?

Make sure you do this ritual whenever you make any big changes to your compound bow setup, like:

  • When you change arrows
  • After adjusting draw weight
  • When any changes to draw length

What steps to follow when you want to sight in your compound bow?

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Setup a target at a specific distance
  • Start hitting in the form of groups of bolts
  • Find out the results for the accuracy you are getting and then adjust.
  • Repeat these steps for different distances

What distance you should start sighting your compound bow from?

The best distance to start this process in your bows is 20 yards. Then, you can start increasing it to get the best results for every length.

How to adjust your bow sights when you are sighting them in?

You can find dials and pins on them that you can use for making any adjustments to them. One thing to keep in mind is to follow the instructions you have got from the manufacturer of your equipment.

What are the most common problems a deer hunter may face during sighting in such bows?

Here are some issues you may face during this process

  • You can have inconsistent shooting form during this process
  • Also, you may face environmental factors like wind or lighting issues
  • You can have issues due to improper bow tuning as well
  • Your equipment may not be good for this

Final Thoughts

We discussed different methods of improving your sighting in as a deer hunter looking to hit the vitals every time you release your arrow. This article can help you learn using 3-pin bow sights and also 1-pin types and how you can sight in them on a compound bow. All the information was to help American hunters learn the best methods they could use in a hunting terrain.

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