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All You Need to Know About Arrows For Compound Bows For Deer Hunting!

compound bow arrow types for deer hunting

We all love compound bows as hunters who go into the field with complete preparation. So, as an enthusiast or even an experienced hunter, which kind of compound bow arrows will work best for this deer hunting season? Regardless of the state of the United States you are in; you need to find the equipment that fulfills your needs in deer hunting.

So, we have some top types of deer hunting compound bow arrow types you can use for your hunting season this year and beyond. Also, learn which one to use for what kind of hunt and the best type of arrows for a compound bow. So let’s dive right in.

What Are The Compound Bow Arrow Types?

There are three compound bow arrow types Carbon, Aluminum, and hybrid arrows. Carbon arrows are considered the best type for deer hunting because of their smaller shaft diameter and the ability to deep penetration on a deer. So, Carbon type is the standard arrow type for a compound bow.

What Type Of Arrows For Compound Bows for Deer Hunting, Aluminum Or Carbon?

Carbon arrows are a better choice when choosing between the two types of compound bow arrows. Moreover, using them for hunting is a great idea as well. On the other hand, Aluminum arrows can be harder to penetrate deep into your deer. However, Carbon arrows have smaller diameters, and making them penetrate into a deer is easier.

So, you can kill a moose, whitetail, or other deer easier when hunting. These are the arrows for compound bows you may be looking to use for this hunting season.

How to determine the length of your arrow?

You can find the right length for your arrows by finding your draw length and adding half an inch to an inch. Make sure that you do not count the broadhead part. You should ensure that you start counting from the deepest part of the knock and to where the arrow broadhead starts.

compound bow arrow types for hunting

How to find the best arrow weight?

You should know your draw weight and look for 6 to 8 grains per pound of draw length of your compound bow. You should avoid using an arrow with less than 5 grains of arrow weight for every pound of your compound bow draw weight.

How To Find The Right Arrow Spine?

GPI, or grain per inch, is the basic formula that you need to learn before you measure this one. If your compound bow has less energy when shooting, you should ensure you do not have to use a bigger size for your arrow.

Heavier arrows are slower, and you can use smaller-diameter arrows, which may also be heavier. If you want to shoot a big game, you should ensure that you use heavier arrows. Go with a hunting shaft with less drag; you can also modify it to get amazing speed. It can get you a good flight with your arrow as well. You can try practicing different arrows for your hunting, and you can find the best types that suit your hunting needs. Also, you can learn how to use compound bow for deer hunting.

How To Choose The Right Arrow Vanes?

Look for different types of vanes to get the desired results. Make sure you should use a longer vane or a smaller one. Also, you can change the setting of your vanes with the help of sample packs that can help you change the type of vanes you have. You learn about the results you can get with such changes.

Look for a vane that offers perfect steering. Learn about each type of vane when you start practicing and the best hunting choice. This is how you can choose the best type of arrow for a compound bow for this deer hunting season. We have another blog that tells how you can sight in your compound for hunting.


What are the best arrows for compound bows?

  • Carbon Arrows
  • Aluminum Arrows
  • Carbon Hybrid Arrows
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Wood Arrows

How to choose the best arrow weight for your next deer hunting expedition?


  • Be sure to check your Bow’s Specifications
  • Always Consider game regulations
  • Determine your draw length for sure
  • always evaluate your hunting setup
  • Ensure to consider kinetic energy and penetration
  • Keep balancing speed and weigh in mind
  • Test and fine-tune

What are the pros of using broadheads for deer hunting?

They offer a better penetration and better blood flow from the wound they create. Also, they offer better flight and hit with accuracy, plus they are famous for lethal kills. One more thing to remember is that they have a versatile range you would love.

What is better for deer hunting, fixed-blades or mechanical broadheads?

We have pros of both of these types for your next expeditions:

Fixed-blades offer:

  • Reliability
  • Penetration
  • Simplicity

Mechanical broadheads offer:

  • Larger cutting diameter
  • Consistent accuracy

Final Thoughts

We discussed using arrows and how you can choose the right ones for your deer hunting. Making sure to learn which type of hunting arrows will help you with speed, accuracy, and better penetration is important. And so, it is important to learn about different features of arrows that vary among different brands. So, this blog must have been helpful for hunters with any experience hunting deer in the United States.

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