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All You Need To Know About Different Types of Compound Bows

Types of Compound Bows For Deer Hunting

As we know, a compound bow is a mechanical bow with a lot of pulleys and cams. As these bows have great accuracy and there are various types of compound bows, they are becoming popular by the time of deer hunters in the USA. But it is also necessary to do a lot of research before buying one. Because there are many kinds of compound bows, complete knowledge about all the types is essential before investing.

How Many Types of Compound Bows Exist?

There are four major types of compound bows. These are as under
• Single Cam Compound Bow
• Double Cam Compound bow
• Hybrid Cam Compound Bow
• Binary Cam Compound Bow
Also, these different types of compound bows have many pros and cons. We will also discuss these pros and cons in this article.

1st Type-Single Cam Compound Bows

Single-cam compound bows are those bows that have one cam, and it is attached to the limbs of the bow. This is the primary and simplest bow in the different types of compound bows because these have fewer parts, so it is easy to use and maintain.

Pros of Single Cam Compound Bow

There are some pros of Single cam compound bows are mentioned here

• It is lightweight
• Easy to shoot because of fewer parts
• Easy to maintain
• Less noise as compared to other compound bows
• Smooth and reliable for beginners

Cons of Single Cam Compound Bow

There are also some cons of a single-cam compound bow
• Less powerful than other compound bows
• It has nock travel issues, so it reduces the accuracy
• Its speed is less

2nd Type-Double Cam Compound Bows

compound bow types for deer hunting

If you are in search of what is a Double cam compound bow, you can learn a lot from this article. You will get all the pros and cons of a Double cam compound bow. Also, you can read about comparison of recurve bows and compound bows and other bows.
As we can guess from the name of this type of bow, this compound bow has two cams on each side. One cam is attached to the top of one limb, and the other is attached to the bottom. Because of two cams, these compound bows face the problem of synchronization. Therefore, the other name for these compound bows is Twin Cams.

Pros of Double Cam Compound Bow

These are the pros of Double cam compound bows
• These compound bows are more powerful as compared to a single-cam compound bow
• It has incredible speed

Cons of Double Cam Compound Bow

Here are the cons of Double cam compound bows
• Because of the synchronization issue, a nock travel problem can happen that can affect the accuracy.
• They make more noise than single-cam compound bows because they have two cams.

3rd Type-Hybrid Cam Compound Bows

Like Twin cam, the hybrid cam compound bow also has two cams, but one cam is for power, and one cam is for control. These bows are a good combination of single-cam and dual-cam compound bows. These bows don’t have the synchronization problem, so they are smoother.

Pros of Hybrid Cam Compound Bow

Some advantages of Hybrid cam compound bows are as under
• Because these bows have no synchronization problem, these bows have no nock travel issues.
• Better accuracy
• Lightweight, so easy to carry
• They are also quieter bows.

Cons of Hybrid Cam Compound Bow

The only disadvantage of a hybrid cam compound bow is that it needs some maintenance. The maintenance requirement is less than a dual-cam compound bow, but it still needs it.

4th Type-Binary Cam Compound Bows

These are the most developed compound bows. These bows also have two cams, just like twin-cam compound bows. The only difference is that these bows’ cams are not dependent on limbs rather, a string attaches them. In this compound bow, both the cams are power cams.

Pros of Binary Cam Compound Bows

These are the advantages of Binary cam compound bow
• These are more powerful and accurate compound bows.
• It has good nock travel, so it has good accuracy.
• Both cams are power cams, so these have more draw weight.

Cons of Binary Cam Compound Bows

The only drawback of a Binary compound bow is that it has various parts and complex shapes, so a lot of maintenance is needed.

Types of Compound Bows for deer hunting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which compound bow is more advanced?

The binary cam compound bow is the most advanced compound bow type you can try.

Which compound bow combines single cam and twin can compound bow?

The hybrid cam compound bow is a good example of combining single-cam and twin-cam compound bows.

Which compound bow needs more maintenance?

Because a binary cam compound bow has more parts so it is difficult to maintain this bow.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you learned about all the different types of compound bows; single-cam compound bow, double-cam compound bow, hybrid compound bow, and binary compound bow. These compound bows are categorized because of the number of cams and where these cams are attached. You can read about the pros and cons of these bows and how they beat each other for certain benefits.

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