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All You Need To Know About Recurve bow Vs Longbow Vs Compound bow

Recurve bow Vs compound bow

Those who are really interested in deer hunting, it has been a common question for many years about which bow is the best for deer hunting. There is an old war between recurve bow, longbow, and compound bow lovers.

If you want to buy a bow for deer hunting or want to gift your child for his or her first deer hunting trip, you need to know the best choice. The most difficult and common question that comes to mind is which recurve bow vs longbow vs compound bow one should choose. What criteria should be kept in mind for the selection of the bow?

General Features of Recurve bow Vs Longbow Vs Compound bow

We should keep some general features and characteristics in mind before selecting a bow. I hope these features will help you select a bow to hunt different deer species, whether sika deer, reindeer, mule deer, or even whitetail deer.

The shape of the Bows

Firstly, we should be aware of the shape of all three bows. What is the shape of a longbow vs recurve bow vs compound bow? And which one is helpful in deer hunting.

Longbow is a classical bow that we usually see in different historical books and movies. It is a simple and primitive bow that is usually one piece. The length of the bow is the same as the height of the hunter.

Recurve bow is in the shape of a big 3. It is a really good bow for deer hunting. The bow’s limbs are twisted, and in recurve shape, so this is called recurve bow.

The compound bow is a really complex bow with a lot of levers and pulleys. So, it is not as simple as a long bow and a recurve bow. It has a lot of parts.

Weight of the Bows

The weight of the longbow is much lesser than the recurve bow and compound bow. The weight of the longbow is between 2 to 4 pounds.

Recurve bow Vs compound bow

The recurve bows are more in size as compared to longbows but less than compound bows. The weight of the recurve bow is between 15 lbs to 75lbs.

The compound bows are much heavier. The weight of these bows is about 40 to 80 pounds.

Size of the Bows

If we talk about the size of all three bows, we can say the bigger one is a longbow. It is almost 6 to 7 feet, so it is difficult to handle during deer hunting.

Recurve bows also have almost the same length as longbows, but you can easily assemble them and can attach the parts in the wild easily with the help of bolts.

The compound bows are small in size as compared to longbows and recurve bows. You can choose the bow size according to your height and the draw lengths you want.

More Powerful and Speedy Bow

Another factor we should keep in mind before buying a bow is which is more powerful and has more speed in the three bows, compound bow vs recurve vs longbow. The longbow is less powerful among all three bows and the speed of the longbow per second is 220 feet. The speed of the recurve bow per second is maybe 200 to 300 feet. It is more powerful than the longbow, but if we talk about the most powerful bow, it is the compound bow. The speed of the compound bow per second is between 300 to 350 feet.

Maintenance of the Bows

As we talk about the maintenance of the bows, the longbows, and recurve bows are easy to maintain instead of compound bows. If the limb or string of the longbow and recurve bow break or crack so you can easily replace it at home without the help of a professional, but if the string of the compound bow breaks or any other issue happens in the compound bow, then you’ll have to visit the shop for repairs.

Recurve bow Vs compound bow features

Easy Assembling

The longbow and recurve bow has limited parts, so these bows can be assembled without any problem, but the compound bow has so many parts, so it takes a lot of effort to construct a compound bow.

Portability of the Bows

If we talk about the portability of the three bows, the compound bow vs longbow vs recurve, then the longbow is difficult to carry because of its huge size; the recurve bow is easy to carry. The compound bow is also portable as compared to the longbow because this is small in size.

Good for the Budget

If we talk about longbows, these are easily available at fewer prices. These are simple and one-pieces bows, but as compared to longbows, recurve bows are more expensive. The price of the recurve bows depends on the material which has been used. You can also make one at home at a cheap rate.

The compound bow price is really high and can be heavy on your pocket. If you are an expert hunter and want to invest in a good product, then it’ll be the best choice.

The draw length of the Bows

The draw length of the longbow can be according to your size, and it is fixed. So you can’t change the draw length in the compound bows because there are cams. The draw length can be adjusted according to your need. You can measure a recurve bow’s draw length just like compound bows. Spread your arms wide and ask someone to measure the distance from the one finger of your right hand to the one finger of your left hand.

The Durability Factor

The durability of the bows depends upon the material which has been used. All three bows can be made up of different materials like longbows, and the best recurve bow can be made up of wood, fiberglass, PVC pipes, and lamination. On the other hand, compound bows can be made of wood, carbon fiber, and aluminum, so the bows’ durability depends upon the material’s durability.

Features recurve bow Vs compound bow

Accurate in Targeting

Obviously, an accurate target also depends on how competent a hunter is, but if we talk about bows, the most accurate is a compound bow because it has a different mechanism. The compound bows have many cams, pulleys, levers, and stabilizers which enhances your ability to shoot accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to store bows?

The best way to store the bows at home is to keep them in their boxes. This way, you do not have to worry about their safety, and they stay safe.

On which bow can we adjust the draw length?

The draw length can easily adjust on the compound bow because it has cams for the string adjustment.

Which bow is more portable?

The recurve bow is more portable; you can also carry it into pieces and easily assemble them.

Which bow makes less noise?

The longbow makes less noise as compared to recurve bow and compound bow. They may not be your first choice for many reasons, but their less noise is a great feature you can enjoy if you want to use them.

Which bow can be easily maintained, a recurve bow or a compound bow?

It is more convenient to maintain a recurve bow than a compound bow. You can also do repairs at home without any hassle.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I want to say that it is true that longbows make less noise, but if we talk about accuracy, speed, power, size, and portability, then recurve bows and compound bows are better for deer hunting.


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