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Essential Compound Bow Accessories For Deer Hunters!

crossbow accessories list

As passionate deer hunters, we all know very well that a compound bow is made up of different small parts. These parts help you greatly in the draw cycle’s quietness, stabilization, and smoothness. Some of these parts are already attached to the weapon, but there are many important accessories that you have to purchase if you want to enjoy your deer hunting expedition.

In our article, we will guide you about different accessories that you should carry in your compound bow kit during your game.

Compulsory and Non-Compulsory Accessories

If we talk about accessories, there are two types. Some are essential, and without them, it’s hard to do deer hunting. Some are optional, but if you like to buy different gadgets and pieces of equipment, these will definitely interest you.
All the essentials and non-compulsory accessories of bows are as under.

Arrow Rest

The Arrow rest is one of the must-have accessories. It is made of a shoulder of horn or metal and supports and holds the arrow in place during the aim and shooting. It increases the accuracy of your shot, so we can say it is a compulsory piece of gear, especially if you are a beginner.

Different types of arrow rests are used for them:

Compound arrow rests, launcher rests, containment rests, and drop-away rests.

Compound Bow Sight

Sights are used to aim for distance, and they are on the top accessories list. There are two types of bow sights available; one is a single-pin  sight, and the other one is a multi-pin sight or a lens too. Multiple-pin sight helps the deer hunter to aim the target from a distance of 20 to 70 yards.

Peep Sight

The peep sight usually attaches to the weapon, and it is circular. It is attached to a string, and deer hunters see through the hole; it makes an adequate line from the peep sight to sight and aims the target’s distance by matching each pin of sight.

It is easily available in different styles and sizes so you can choose according to your demand. Moreover, you can choose the best peep sight for the weapon from many available brands in the market.

Compound Bow Release

The release is a special aid and one of the best accessories. It is a mechanical part, just like the gun’s trigger. So if you want more target accuracy, release helps you a lot. There are two types of releases available in the market, one is a wrist release, and the other one is a handheld release.

crossbow accessories for deer hunters

If you are a beginner and want to choose a release, the best option is the wrist release because it is easy to use, and you can activate it with only the simple touch of a trigger. A handheld release is a good option for professionals. It has many different types of triggers, and you can choose a trigger according to your target.

Arrow Quiver

We know that we need a lot of arrows during our deer hunting expedition, and of course, it is difficult to carry them in our hands, so we need an aid to help carry arrows. The quiver is that essential part. There are two types of arrow quivers available in the market; one that hunters attach with their waist belt and the one attached with the compound bow.

Professional deer hunters choose the one attached to the compound bow because it is easy to use and faster.


The stabilizer is an essential part of it. It helps to control the vibration and movement of the compound bow and gives balance to your bow so you can target the deer more precisely. This equipment is attached to the front riser of your bow.

String Silencer

As we know, such a weapon makes a lot of noise because of its cams which are not good for deer hunters; it can alert the whitetail deer, fallow deer, and sika deer easily because they have a sharp sense of hearing.

This noise can alert them, so deer hunters use string silencers to reduce the noise of their compound bows because the silencer scatters the vibration of it along the string, so it produces less sound.

The silencers are commonly attached to the strings, and these are made of rubber, yarn, or beaver balls.


A compound bow slingshot is really useful and usually attached to your wrist. If you want to keep your weapon in place, then you should definitely buy it. It will protect it from the fall.

String wax

String wax is really necessary if you want to protect it from wear and tear and want to save your extra bucks for the new string. Use it regularly on your string and cables.


With the help of the bow press, you can easily modify the draw length of your compound bow, and it helps change the string or peep sight. It is an optional part of it and is expensive, so many users don’t like to buy it. It is a good investment for deer hunters and can help a lot in the wild.

Hex Wrench

The hex wrench is also called the Allen wrench and is a perfect tool for the adjustment of sights and arrow rest as well. It also helps adjust the draw weight and draw length of the weapon.

Arm Guard

crossbow accessories for hunting deer

The arm guard is available in different colors, styles, and materials. It is a really good option for beginners because, at the start, it is difficult to control the release of the string, and sometimes it goes in the wrong way. So, it can hurt your arm. Safety is a priority, so you can use an armed guard to protect your arm.


During deer hunting, the first priority should be your safety. It is essential to wear gloves to protect your hand from the sharpness of your arrows. It also helps you in cold weather and protects your hand from numbness.

Stand, Hanger, and Limb Legs

These all are used to protect your expensive weapon from the dust. Stand, hanger, and limb legs help a lot during deer hunting.

Mechanical and Fixed Blade Broadheads

From the name of this part, we can easily assume that these are the tips and heads of the arrows. By using this, you can increase the working and sharpness of the arrows. It is an important part of the deer hunter’s accessories kit. These are easily available in the market from 75 to 300 grains. It helps many deer hunters, and they can use a broadhead according to the animal’s size.

It is available in two different kinds; one is a fixed broadhead, and the other one is a mechanical broadhead.

Arrow Puller

If you are a beginner, then an arrow puller is a good option. It will help you to pull out your stuck arrow without any hurt. You may not consider it an essential part because professional hunters can also pull their arrows with their hands.

Sight Lights

Sight lights are good for deer hunters who need help with dim light, and it is difficult for them to target properly. But in many areas, it is illegal, so choose it according to your deer hunting sights.


A grip helps you from many shocks and keeps it steady. It is really helpful for beginner deer hunters and the aged ones as well.

Grip Coach

For beginners, the grip of the weapon can be challenging. To overcome this difficulty, they can buy a grip coach, which is a useful piece of equipment and easily available for some bucks.


If you target a deer at a distance of more than 30 yards, then it is difficult to see the arrows on the target. To overcome this problem, deer hunters should use optics. It is like a monocle. This piece of equipment is really useful for hunters.

Thumb Counter

A thumb counter helps you when you want to wax string and tune the string. It also protects your thumb from damage when you put the new string in your weapon. Of course, you can use it while taking a shot too.

String Stop

A String stop is used to reduce the string’s vibration, noise, and shock. In some weapons, it is already attached, but if it is not available in your compound bow, you can easily purchase it and enhance your target’s precision.

Arrow Lube

If you are a beginner, it is good to use an arrow lube with an arrow puller because it is one of the best bow accessories and will help you easily release your arrow. It is really good if you use arrow lube every time before your target. It is an optional accessory but sometimes really useful.


how to use crossbow accessories

Targets will help you before the deer hunting season. You can use it in your backyard to improve your target compound bow. In addition, you can use it to keep yourself in form and to improve your skill. There are many types of targets easily available in the market. Choose one that is more reliable and durable, and you can practice well to sharpen your hunting skills.

Bow Sac

A backpack is really important for carrying all types of equipment. You can easily carry it on your shoulder during deer hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From where can we buy compound bow accessories?

Compound bow accessories are easily available at any sports shop as well as these accessories are also available online. You can get the best peep sight, sights, releases, and silencers easily.

Which part of the compound bow can easily be destroyed?

The string of the compound bow is the most delicate part of the compound, and it can get damaged easily.

Which accessories are really important for a compound bow?

The accessories that are really important for your weapon are sights, peep sights, string silencers, stabilizers, and arrow quivers.

Which tool can be used to hold arrows?

An arrow quiver can be used to hold arrows easily in the wild. It is one of the top accessories for your weapon you need to keep in mind when hunting.

How many types of bow releases are available in the market?

There are many types of bow releases available in the market, but the two are more important: wrist release and handheld release.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I just want to say that; hopefully, this article will help you a lot in choosing different cool accessories for the compound bow for deer hunting. We tried to describe the uses of different parts and tools you must know as a deer hunter. Now you can choose what fits it.

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