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All You Need To Know About Different Compound Bow Release Types (+ Pros And Cons)

types of compound bow releases for deer hunting

Are you a hunter looking to shoot with compound bows? Using the right type of release aid for your deer hunting can completely make or break your day. So, you can find multiple types of this equipment on the market. We have some information to help you learn about the pros and cons of different release aids for your hunting.

You can read about thumb-release, hinge release, back-tension, and strap-release arrow release aids, so let’s start.

What Are Thumb-Release Aid For Deer Hunting?

Using a thumb release gives you amazing accuracy for your hunting expeditions. This type of arrow release allows you to get better accuracy and release your arrows perfectly. All you have to do is to put your lock around the D loop and release your arrow with the help of your thumb on the release.

When you want to let the arrow go, you have to hit the release with your thumb, and there you go, you have shot an arrow. There is a big range of prices you can find them for from different online and offline stores. Some of these types would come with a shape that allows you to fit all of your fingers on the release aid for your hunting.

These have buttons that you can use to release your arrow to hit deer. Also, you can use the thumb portion to let your arrow go. You can find them among the most common types of compound bow releases in the United States. If you are looking to read on how to make a compound bow at home, you can read that on our blog.

types of compound bow releases for hunting

Back-Tension Release Aid

You can activate them when you move your wrist. So, it can be used for deer hunting, but it may not be the best choice if you want to have more accuracy during hunting. On the other hand, it does allow you to get a surprise shot for your hunting.

The Hinge Release

This type of release has a mechanism that you can use to let your arrow go. A pro tip will be to ensure you use a hinge release with less draw weight when starting. When you draw your bow with a hinge release, the method of the drawing will be different. Practice with the release you want to use in the season. If you want to know about different types of compound bows, you can read here to learn.

Wrist-Strap Release Aids

Some of these types may carry a shaft that works for your release aid. At the same time, they have different buckles you can use for hunting. They are among the common types of compound bow releases on the market.

Final Thoughts

We discussed 4 of the best types of release aids for your compound bows. They all have benefits and disadvantages, and you can learn which one you prefer. So, learn about their benefits and drawbacks to find the best ones.

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