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All You Need To Know About How To Aim Without A Sight As a Deer Hunter?

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Hunting is not always easy, or it is mostly very difficult for any level hunter. But if you want to make it even more thrilling and amazing, you can try using instinctive aiming for deer hunting. The thing is that people are getting back to this old type of hunting method that you can use for deer hunting.

So, if you are a professional hunter or someone who knows hunting well, it will be amazing to try this type of hunting. This way, you can get the best thrill out of your game and have great achievement. The real attraction of such hunting is that you may not need anything except an arrow and recurve bow. So, if you are anywhere in the United States where you can hunt down deer and make your evenings more special with some jerky that you want some thril with, this is the article you needed.

So let’s dive right into it!

What Is Instinctive Hunting Actually?

When it comes to instinctive hunting is the old and traditional method used by indigenous American people. But, it has also been a warcraft for many old tribes living in different areas of the world. So, one thing is for sure it is nothing new, and people have been doing it for thousands of years.

But why are people, especially hunters, getting interested in it after hundreds of years? So the answer is that it is a super thrill-inducing game that holds so much excitement for professional and experienced hunters.

So, if you are a professional or experienced hunter, you can definitely try this type of deer hunting with a recurve bow. We have some top tips that can help you improve your results with such hunting when you go deep down in the woods to hunt a buck down. So, now you know how to aim a recurve bow without sights.


How To Aim A Recurve Bow Without A Sight For Deer Hunting?

There are two main types of hunting without using a sight on a recurve bow and the thrill they carry. The first one is gap shooting. The other one is the most accurate form of instinctive shooting. This one is called the see-and-shoot method.

So, we will talk about both of them and find out which one you should try and why, plus you will get tips for both of them for deer hunting. This way, your hunting will be successful with an amazing feel of thrill that you can get when you know how to aim a recurve bow without sights?


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Tips For Gap Shooting

Now, you have the first one, gap shooting, which also works well for hunting. So, you can try out an amazingly thrilling hunting method for hunting down a strong and healthy buck.You can try using gap shooting to kill deer you can see in a straight line۔

  • A great habit will be to ensure you are not holding your bow very tightly.
  • Make sure that you have a great posture when you are going to shoot the deer. For example, try to use your left foot if you are a right-hander and have a 90-degree angle.
  • You should have a complete routine when aiming and releasing your arrows to hunt down your prey.
  • There are two different ways of releasing arrows when you are doing instinctive shooting; you can try out the one that suits you best.
  • Try to visualize a vertical line that goes to the deer’s point you want to shoot and shoot for the part below your deer.
  • Try to practice by starting with a smaller distance and going for longer ones over time before you go into real-life scenarios.
  • Also, you can try using your bow shaft to aim at your deer.

We, as hunters are always super ambitious as American nation and hunting lovers, so here are some tips that will surely bring that American adventure.


Tips For Gap Shooting When Hunting Deer

Don’t Hold Your Bow Too Tight

Have A Great Posture 

Maintain A 90-Degree Angle When Shooting

Follow A Routine When Releasing And Aiming Your Arrow That You Should Follow All The Times

Visualize A Vertical Line Which Goes From The Target 

Try Using Your Bow Shaft For Aiming

Practice By Starting From A Smaller Distance To Increase Gradually

There are traditional ways of shooting deer as well. For instance, you can use wooden bows like longbows and recurve bows made of wood. We will discuss that as we are talking about hunting deer with recurve bow.

It can be a bit difficult to use a recurve bow to shoot instinctively and otherwise because of the way it is built. A recurve bow string hits its limbs when you release your arrow, which can be difficult for new hunters to handle.

So, these are the techniques that work super well for how to aim a recurve bow without sights.


Tips For Aiming And Releasing Your Arrows

Start By Touching The Corner Of Your Mouth With Your Middle Finger And You Can Try The Index Finger Too

Ensure That You Do Not Move Your Head And Keep It Straight When Aiming 

Always Keep Your Hands Straight Behind The Arrow When Aiming 

Once Aimed Just Release Your Arrow As You Allow The String Out 

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How Exactly To Aim And Release

Now you know how to try hunting down with a recurve bow, you need to know how to aim well. Also, in the next section, you can read how you can release your arrow when hunting down your deer.

  • Try to touch the corner of your mouth with your middle finger or index finger when you draw back the string.
  • Make sure you do not move your head and keep it straight.
  • Another thing to remember is that you should keep your hands straight behind the arrow.
  • You can release your arrow by allowing the string out of your hand.

Instinctive Aiming With Your Recurve Bow?

Instinctive aiming is undoubtedly one of the most difficult ways of hunting down your dear. So, there are some tips you should stick to when it comes to getting results for your hand with instinctive aiming without using recurve bow sights۔

  • Your practice is the most important part of your preparation for hunting down your deer with instinctive shooting.
  • Make sure you stay consistent and shoot as many arrows as possible before you go into a real-life scenario.
  • There is no point in hunting down your deer in the woods before you can hit the target super well. The thing is that real-life hunting will be way more difficult than hitting a bullseye on a static target.
  • Practicing with shorter yardages can help you build up some confidence, and then you can go for further targets.
  • Train your brain to shoot for every situation and target distance variations.
    Make sure you keep your full attention and focus on the deer in a real-life situation.

Do A Lot Of Practice

Aiming a recurve bow without sights takes lots and lots of practice, so you should be ready to work hard on your skill. When you are practicing, make sure that you are using the top techniques and techniques that go into the best results. Also, try to do some warm-ups before you start hitting your targets.

This step won’t apply to real-life situations where you cannot prompt your deer target before you pick up your bow. Make sure that you do not hold your bow very strongly so that you can release it easily. So, this was all you needed to learn about how to aim a recurve bow without sights.


recurve bow hunting tips


Hunting with recurve bows vs compound?

Recurve bows are way better than compound bows if you want a great thrill in your hunting game. On the other hand, if you want to be in your comfort zone, you can try using a compound bow. One thing is for sure recurve bows are strong enough to kill bigger games like a deer. If you want more accuracy, you can try compound bows, while recurve bows may not be the best for beginners.

Is a recurve bow better than a compound bow?

The answer to this question depends on the results you want. For example, Recurve bows are better if you want thrill in your game, while compound bows are easier to use and work better for beginners.

Can you put a sight on a recurve bow?

You can try using sights for recurve bows just like they can be used for other types. In addition, you can try using these bows even without sights that can be used for instant hunting.

Should I start with a compound or recurve bow?

Starting with a recurve bow is not a bad idea if you want to be a professional with the recurve bow. Of course, the answer depends on what kind of hunting you want to do and your objectives. Certainly, recurve bow hunting can provide you with a better thrill and sense of achievement. Plus, you can learn how to hunt deer with this kind of bow if you are a professional or at least good with compound bows or other weapons.

Final Thoughts

We discussed top tips surrounding hunting deer with recurve bow without any sights. So, this equipment can perfectly help you get the real thrill you would ever need or think about in hunting deer. But make sure you take care of yourself when you enter the real-life game. Hunting is what hundreds of thousands of Americans love and so is it passion for us, so let it be a more tasteful and thrilling journey.

Also, you must be the hardest worker in the room to ensure you get the most impressive results you could imagine as a hunter. In this article, you can read about how you should release your arrow, practice, and use instinctive hunting for recurve bow hunting. So, happy hunting, and enjoy your deer meals!!