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Top Recurve Bow Deer Hunting Tips | Hunt Your Game Down With A Traditional Recurve Bow

how to hunt deer with recurve bows


Hunting with recurve bow is always a great experience for any hunter, so you can try it out for a great adrenaline rush and an experience of your lifetime. However, choosing a recurve bow may be a difficult task for you, and at the same time, you must know the best steps to help you take down an elk, whitetail, or any other type of deer.

We have tips for you about how to hunt deer with a recurve bow, how to select arrows, and what weight to use. Plus, you can read about bow choosing, hunting, and tips for using arrows. Moreover, you can read about how to choose your arrows and how to use them for deer hunting with a recurve bow. We also, have a guide for beginners who want to hunt deer.

How To Do Deer Hunting With a Recurve Bow?

Several things go into doing a great deer hunt with recurve bow. For instance, you should choose the right bow, practice enough, draw the right weight, and be careful in selecting your overall gear.

So, we have a checklist you need to tick off your to-do to ensure you can hunt down a game with maximum efficiency. It is always super amazing to hunt down deer as an American deer lover. You may be any state of the US, you will surely love to have some nice jerky when you have killed the deer with a recurve bow.

So, we will start by giving you tips on choosing a recurve bow gear. But, before you do your real-life hunt, you should know how to do deer hunting with a recurve bow.


Factors And Features To Know When Choosing A Recurve Bow

Bow’s Draw Weight 

Your Strength And Technique Are Two Main Factors For Hunting As They Help With The Total Power You Put Behind An Arrow. 40 Pounds Of Draw Weight Would Be A Great Choice For A Recurve Bow. 

How To Practice 

Try Increasing Your Draw Weight During The Practice To Improve Your Shooting Results.


Look For A Recurve Bow That Has Upgradable Limbs.

Durability And Drawbility 

Your Bow Should Be Durable And Have A Good Durability.

Draw Weight Range 

Make Your That The Company You Buy From Also Offers A Great Range Of Draw Weight Range Weapons.

Right And Left Hand

It Should Allow You To Hunt With Both Hands.

Not Too Heavy

Make Sure That It Is Not Too Heavy.

Easy Assembly 

Try To Buy A Recurve Bow That Is Easy To Assemble


Your Bow Should Be Stylish As Well.

recurve bow elk hunting tips

Some factors To Remember when Shooting With a Recurve Bow?

So, some things that you must know before you buy a recurve bow for hunting are:

Bow’s Draw Weight, Arrow Weight, and Skill Factors

A hunter’s strength and technique would make a big difference to the distance you cover with a certain draw weight. So you should have great technique and if you have strength as well you can shoot farther with accuracy. Make sure that you learn the best techniques to shoot as it is more important than your strength.

The draw weight is the total amount of power you put behind your arrows. This metric determines how far your arrow goes and how much damage it can do to your game. So, this is how to shoot an arrow with a recurve bow for better hunting results.

So, choosing a bow that has at least 40 pounds of draw is a good choice. The most important thing when choosing a draw weight is to make sure that you can hit the vital organs of your animal with comfort. More draw weight is not always good as you must also be able to control this power when releasing arrows.

The bow type is a major factor that impacts the distance you can cover with such a bow. Moreover, the arrow weight and the bow length would always be huge factors. Your draw weight improves your arrow weight and helps it travel better through the air.

Pro Tip:

Make sure that you increase your draw weight during the practice gradually and slowly to ensure that you keep hitting with accuracy when you also have power behind your arrow.

How to Measure Your Bow Weight:

There is a simple formula that applies to the arrows’ weight that you can use for a certain draw weight. You can have 10 grains Of arrow for every pound of your recurve bow draw weight. The least weight you can have is 7 grains for every pound of your bow draw weight.

Top Features of Recurve Bows

There are some top features you must be aware of when you are looking to buy a recurve bow for the first time or as a professional. We have a list of all the features you should be looking to avail of when buying a recurve bow. You can read about how to use recurve bow for deer hunting and which features matter most for that.

These are the best recurve bow for deer hunting features you should have in your bows.


Top Recurve Bow Hunting Tips

Be Aware Of Your Game 

Make Sure That You Know Your Game’s Habits And Instinctive Reactions Well.

Practice Enough 

Try To Do As Much Target Practice As You Can Before You Do Into Real-Life Scenarios.

Know Your State Law

You Should Know Your State Laws About The Least Draw Weight You Can Use For Deer Hunting.

Know Your Hunt’s Body 

Try To Learn About Your Hunt’s Anatomy To Make Sure You Hit The Vital Organs To Make A Clean Kill.

Try Using The Same Draw Length Every Time 

Use The Same Draw Length For The Same Distance Hits Everytime You Go For The Release.


features of recurve bows


Top Features:

  • The drawback should be according to the user’s abilities and body strength. A lower-weight bow works for a small child and the higher the draw the more physical strength a person should have to use it.
  • Try to look for such a bow that has upgradeable limbs for your ease.
  • Make sure that the bow you buy is super durable and has a large draw weight range for different variables.
  • Your bow should be available for both hands ideally so you should be able to handle it with your right and your left hand.
  • Look for a company that provides good customer support.
  • Also, make sure that it is comfortable to handle and grip plus make a silent shot.
  • Make sure that the price is not too high and it does not weigh too heavy.
  • Look for a stylish wood finish and an easy assembly if it is a takedown bow.

You can read about the best selection for your recurve bow options in our guide for the best recurve bow for deer hunting here.


Top Arrow Types For Recurve Bow And How To Choose Them For Your Hunt

Know Bow’s Draw Length 

Make Sure That You Know Your Recurve Bow’s Draw Length Before You Choose Your Arrows For Hunt

Arrow Spine

Try To Find Out Your Arrow’s Spine And How Much They Wiggle In Their Flight 

Lighter Arrows For Practice

Using Lighter Arrows For Practice Is Recommended

Right-Length Arrows

Go For The Right Arrow Length For Your Recurve Bow

Have Instructions For Use

Make Sure That You Get The Ones That Have Instructions For Your Use With A Recurve Bow

Have Enough Weight To Penetrate 

Look For Arrows That Have Enough Weight To Penetrate Your Animal’s Toughest Body Areas Like Bones

Stiffest And Heaviest Arrows That Shoot Precisely

Look For The Toughest And Most Stiff Arrows That You Can Also Shoot With Precision With A Recurve Bow.

Mechanical And Fixed-Blade Broadheads

There Are Two Types Of Broadheads, Fixed-Blade And Mechanical

Quick Kill

Try To Use The Ones That Can Help You With A Quick And Humane Kill Of Your Hunt

Aluminum Arrows

Aluminum Arrows Can Be A Great Choice 

Carbon Arrows

Try Using Carbon Arrows As They Have Great Durability

Wooden Arrows 

Also, You Can Try Using Wooden Arrows.


recurve bow tips for deer hunting


How To Choose A Recurve Bow?

Initially, there are two types of purposes you may be looking to buy a recurve bow. Number one, you may be looking to buy it to do some practice before you go into the terrain to hunt your deer down.

Secondly, you may be looking for a professional one to use to hunt.

How to Use and Choose Arrows?

Choosing your arrows depends on three different factors: diameter, weight, and measurements of your arrows. Plus, you should know your bows before choosing any available options.

Other things you should remember:

  • Make sure that you know your bow’s draw length when you are looking to choose arrows. A draw length is as far as the distance you can pull back your bowstring.
  • You should know the spine of your arrows or how much your arrow wiggles or bends in the air.
  • Choosing arrows for practice will be different than choosing them for a real-life scenario. So, you should choose lighter arrows for practice.
  • Ensure that your arrows are short enough, as such may be dangerous. At the same time, you should look for the ones with instructions for use.
  • An important thing to remember when choosing your arrow weight is to make sure that it has enough to penetrate most hard parts of your hunt, including the bones.
  • A great technique would be finding the stiffest and heaviest arrows that your recurve bow can shoot precisely.
  • Basically, there are two types of broadheads that you can find for bows: mechanical broadheads and fixed-blade broadheads. So, choose carefully from the two as mechanical heads are known for better flight with low penetration.
  • One thing to remember is that you should be able to hit the animal hard enough to kill it as soon as possible. Try to go for a hit that kills it instantly, and it does not have to suffer.

hunting moose deer with recurve bows

Carbon arrows are known for being durable. At the same time, they provide you with accuracy during a hunt. Also, they are safer than fiberglass arrows. At the same time, you should choose your broadheads carefully, as they can totally change the way your arrow flies in the air.

Types of Arrows and Broadheads

When it comes to arrows for such bows there are different kinds of them that you can choose from. The top types are:

  • You can try aluminum arrows
  • Plus you can try using carbon arrows that work well for outdoor situations.
  • You can try using wooden arrows for recurve bows.


hunting deer with recurve bows


Some Common Arrowheads

You can try using a target arrowhead if you are a beginner and trying to practice on targets. On the other hand, you can try using broadheads and blunt arrowheads if you are in the woods trying to take down a game. Broadheads are the best choice if you are looking to hunt down a deer.

Basically, there are three types of arrowheads that you can buy: blunt arrowheads, target arrowheads, and broadheads.

Types of arrowheads:

  • Broadheads are the best type of arrows you can use for your deer hunt as they are really short and can kill the animal with the deeper penetration
  • Bullet point arrows are among the common types that are used for smaller games and for target shooting as well.
  • Blunt point or another type of arrowhead that you can use for smaller games and for paralyzing them instead of killing them.

A formula for choosing recurve bow arrows:

A simple formula to choose your recurve bow arrows is to determine your draw length and choose an arrow with 1 to 2 inches extra length so if your draw length is 26 you must choose arrows with 26 to 27 lengths.


FAQS About Deer Hunting With A Recurve Bow

How to Get a Precise Shot in Real-Life Conditions?

Practice is the biggest factor in getting a precise shot; your environment would also impact heavily. The thing is, you learn how much all the factors impact your precision with practice. Another factor you must remember is choosing heavier arrows for indoor practice. On the other hand, you can choose thinner carbon arrows for long distances.

What are the two most common types of recurve bows?

Two of the most common types of recurve bows are one-piece and take-down bows. Take-down bows can be reassembled. On the other hand, one-piece does not use such settings.

What kinds of arrows are the best for recurve bows?

There are three types of arrows that you can use for deer hunting with recurve bows. You can try using wood, carbon, and aluminum arrows.

Final Thoughts

Using a recurve bow is a great experience for any hunter, from beginners to fully trained and professional ones. So, we have some top tips you must know before you go out in the woods with your recurve bow to hunt your game down. At the same time, you can read about how to choose these bows and arrows, plus choose between different arrowheads.

Also, you can read about the different features of such bows, how to use them for hunting deer, and how to buy them. Moreover, you can read about different arrow types and how to choose the best arrows for your hunt. So, this is all you need to have for the best experience of deer hunting recurve bow for great results.