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The Best Deer Hunting Gun And Their Features–Best Deer Rifle 2022 Options

best deer hunting guns


Are you a hunter ready to have that thrill and loveable food taste you are made to taste? Well, it can be difficult to choose the right kind of gun for you.

Some hunters love to hunt with rifles, some with shotguns, and some with others. It depends on the comfort of the hunter.

If you are a deer hunter and want to choose the best deer hunting weap, then our article will help you select one according to your need and demand.

So, we will cover all the top types you need to hunt an amazing elk, whitetail, or any other down. In addition, you can read about rifles, handguns, shotguns, and any other you should get your hands on.

At the same time, you can read why, which ones should be used and when you should try a certain type. Moreover, you can be clear with the pros and cons we deliver to you in the most readable and infographic manner that perfects your understanding of what kind of firearm should be your choice when it comes to choosing for a hunting campaign in the woods or any other terrain.

Additionally, y can read about the best deer rifle 2022 and 2023 you may have an interest in buying. Try out another blog on the top deer hunting guns a hunter needs to try.

Table of Contents

Options Among The Best Rifle To Hunt Deer

There are many rifles like Lever action Rifles, Bolt action Rifles, Semi-Automatic Rifles, and Automatic Rifles. If you want a Rifle that you can call the best deer hunting rifle, then two types of rifles are famous: bolt action rifles and lever action rifles.

What are they, and which one has which kind of features?

The Best Lever-Action Rifles And Their Top Features


The Best Lever-Action Rifles And Their Top Features

Winchester Model 1894 A perfect one with 37.8 Inches, Weight Of 3.1 kilograms and 510mm Of Barrel Length. Comes with a 2,490 Ft/S Muzzle Velocity
Browning Blr So, it offers 43 Inches Length Of The Rifle And Weight Is 7 Lbs. Barrel Length Of 22 Inches With .30-06 Caliber. This one comes With Adjustable Sights And Easy-To-Use Triggers.
Henry.45-70-A  Impressive Looks, 37.5 Inches In Length, 7.08 Pounds In Weight, A Capacity Of 4 Rounds, Amazing Reliability, And 18.43 Inches Of Barrel Length
Marlin Dark Model 336  34.5 Inches In Size, 7.65lbs In Weight, Easy To Handle When Hunting, Has A 30-30 Caliber

And A Barrel Length Of 16.25inches 

Rossie Model 92 A Lever-Action Gun With A Tubular Magazine. Has A Caliber Of .357 Magnum. 930mm/36.6 Inches Of Overall Length, Has The Weight Of 4.8lbs, With 8 Rounds Capacity Magazine


hunting deer


How To Hunt Deer With Lever Action Rifles?

Now, these types of Rifles are well-known among hunters and are the best one to hunt deer. So, they are famous for the amazing help you can get for the hunting campaign of your life.

These rifles got famous in the 1800s, and their types are known for having metal levers. And this lever is located behind the trigger.

So, you can surely call it one of the best rifle to hunt deer options you can find for your hunt.

When a hunter wants to shoot, he moves the lever upward and downward; because of this movement, the cartridge extracts from the chamber.

And by using the trigger, the bullet ejects, and the hunter should be more cautious during the lever movements and keep his hands off the trigger.

So, what is a takeaway? Is it the right type of choice, or is it waste in the backyard? Well, many hunters would love to rely on it in difficult terrains and in difficult conditions. So, it does have some weightage that you can rely on.

At the same time, they can shoot far from where you are hiding for your tasty prey.

Some extraordinary and prominent Lever action Rifles are under, and these have the best deer hunting weapon calibers. Also, you can read about the top deer hunting calibers here. So, you can use them for deer hunting.

  • Winchester Model 1894
  • Browning BLR
  • Henry.45-70
  • Marlin Dark Model 336
  • Rossi Model 92

Winchester Model 1894-One Of The Best Deer Rifle Options

Another one, Winchester Model 1894 is the best choice if you are a female and want to do a deer hunting firearm for a woman. So, John Browning created this rifle in 1894; the production of rifles started in 1894, and the company manufactured the rifle until 2006. The origin of this rifle was in the United States, but now a Japanese company Miroku started the production of Rifles.

On the other hand, the length of the rifle is 37.8 inches, and the weight of the rifle is 3.1Kg. On the other hand, the barrel length is 510mm.

Moreover, the muzzle velocity is 2,490 ft/s. Plus, the feed system of the rifle is 8 rounds or 6 rounds, and it has an internal tube magazine.

So, it helps a lot during hunting. The rifle’s cartridge is 30 WCF, but there are also many other cartridges. Plus, it is a light one that enables females to carry it easily, so ladies! This one works for you as well.

Moreover, it works as a youth deer rifle for enthusiasts coming into this sport. So, you can try it as one of the best deer hunting caliber options you can get.

We have some of the top benefits and pros of using this rifle to hunt deer.


  • In conclusion, you can really use an amazing rifle with a long history for better hunting. Try it due to its lightweight.
  • It offers you with a a decent muzzle velocity and would also work when you are looking to fire multiple shots. Such action is not recommended if you want to shoot to kill your hunt.


  • Well it is an old type of weapon, so you may only get some of what a new type can provide you.


hunting rifles for deer

Browning Blr-Among The Best Deer Rifle Options

So, the first Browning BLR was made in the 1960s by the same Browning Arms Company that made Winchester rifles.

If you have no problem with lever action rifles, then you should consider the Browning BLR for deer hunting. The rifle’s overall length is 43 inches, and the weight is 7 lbs.

So, the rifle’s barrel length is 22 inches, and the caliber is .30-06 Springfield. Plus, the BLR has many different calibers and variants too. If we talk about durability, the one name that comes to mind is BLR, a great one to use for hunting.

Apart from lever action, the rifle may have adjustable sights, and the rifle’s trigger is wide and has more surface, so it is easy to use the trigger.

So, we can say this is a reliable rifle for hunting. Furthermore, it is an amazing one as the best deer hunting caliber you should try.


  • Known for its reliability, you will surely love to have and try it.
  • A great caliber that may give you a nice hunt and a great kill when out in the terrain.


  • Nothing too bad that you may be worried about when buying.

Henry.45-70-A Perfect Deer Rifle To Try

Henry.45-70 rifle was created in 1873 by the US Army. Plus, the rifle has changed a lot and now has many variants too. So, check out the top pros of this amazing rifle to hunt deer.

Moreover, the rifle is one of the best hunting rifle for deer hunters that live in the USA.

Plus, it has an adjustable diamond insert rear sight, and the rifle’s overall look is impressive. In addition, the caliber of the rifle is really good.

On the other hand, the rifle’s length is 37.5 inches, and its weight is 7.08 pounds, so it is easy to handle during hunting because of its lightweight. In addition, it has the capacity of 4 rounds.

When it comes to weight, it also allows you to kill a deer easily if you are younger and less experienced. So, you can use it as a youth deer rifle for youth hunting.

One thing for sure, that you can definitely rely on it for its reliability. One more thing, the rifle’s barrel is round blue steel, and the barrel length is 18.43 inches. Moreover, it would help you get results as it is one of the best deer hunting caliber options for some hunters.


  • Has an impressive look that improves the swag level.
    Not too heavy and may suit many kinds of hunters that love hunting in difficult areas that need lighter weapons and firearms.
  • A capacity of 4 rounds that you can carry loaded, so you do not have to worry about losing a potential kill during tracking.


  • Nothing that you would not like to have it for.

hunting deer guns

Marlin Dark Model 336

If you want to hunt in the thick woods, then the Marlin Dark Model lever action rifle should be your first choice. Moreover, these lever action rifles are the best hunting rifles because they have moderate velocities and a medium caliber bullet, so these are good for deer hunting.

So, the overall length of this rifle is 34.5 inches, and the weight is 7.65lbs. Plus, it has a big loop lever, and it is covered with paracord, so it is easy to handle during a game.

So, it carries a caliber of 30-30 Win, and the barrel length is 16.25inches. Moreover, the rifle has a big ring peep, so a person with optics can also use it during hunting. Another useful firearm if you are looking for a rifle to hunt deer.


  • A medium-caliber firearm that may suit smaller hunters perfectly
  • Also, you can use it with a peep to kill and hunt more accurately.

Rossie Model 92

So, Rossie Model 92 is an exciting and impressive hunting rifle. It was manufactured by Amadeo Rossi SA Lda, São Leopoldo, Brazil.

The thing is that it is a lever action weapon with a tubular magazine. Plus, its caliber is .357 Magnum, and the rifle’s overall length is 930mm/36.6inches, and the weight is 4.8lbs.

With this one you can have a barrel length is 20 inches, and the magazine capacity is 8 rounds. All the important parts of the rifle are made up of steel. You can install a red dot or magnificent low telescope on the rifle’s rear sight.

So, you can rely on this amazing rifle to hunt deer in many different types of situations that you may face in your life.


  • A great reliable one that you use in difficult areas you may go hunting in.


  • Nothing much in this portion


tips to hunt deer with rifles


Top Bolt-Action Rifles for Deer hunting 

Ruger Precision Rifle You Can Buy It At A Less Price. Is Good Longer Distances With More Power, Hybrid Muzzle Brake, Minimizes The Noise Of Shots. Has Two Magazines. And Can Help You By Shooting Multiple Animals 
Savage Model 110 Precision Moreover, you Can Use It Right Out Of The Box. It Has An Overall Length Is 42.38 Inches, Has A Weight Of 12.6 Pounds. Has The Capacity Of 10 Rounds. Its Barrel Length Is 26 Inches. Its Trigger Is Adjustable And Very Easy To Pull
Remington Model 700 Sps Tactical Also, it Offers An Overall Length Of 39.75 Inches With A Weight Of 7.5lb. You get a Barrel That Is Shorter With Mark Pro Trigger, Comes In A Great Satin Black Oxide Metal Finish, And Is Really Durable With Target Accuracy
Savage Axis Ii Xp So, you Can Easily Move The Magazine In And Out. And You Can Clean It At Home By Yourself. Plus Comes With An Adjustable Trigger
Ruger American Also, a Really Affordable One With A Great Butt Cover. Has An Overall Length Of 42 Inches. Its Barrel Is 22 Inches Long With 6 Pounds Of Weight 
Winchester Model 70 Additionally, it Has A Capacity Of 3 Bullets With A Length Of 441/4 inches. Is Really Lightweight With Reliable And Durable Results
Weatherby Mark V At the same time, you Can Easily Extract Its Cartridges. Long Cartridges And The Trigger Is Quite Light. One Of The Best Lightweight Ones That Has An Adjustable Trigger. Reloads Quickly And Has Less Rotation When Firing 


top elk hunting guns



How To Hunt Deer With bolt Action Rifles? The Best Deer Rifle Range

So, bolt action Rifles are very commonly used for hunting. These are among the best deer hunting firearms for youth. The thing is that Rifles have bolts instead of levers. Usually, the bolt is attached to the right side of the weapon, and it’s a manual Rifle and may work well if the hunter can not control a rapid fire.

So, you may try these for a younger hunter who wants to have this game as a hobby and to have some fun in the terrain with you.

Also, when the user moves the bolt forward and back, the new cartridge extracts from the magazine and moves into the barrel. There are many rifle types of bolt action Rifles. Some are as under.

  • Ruger Precision Rifle
  • Savage Model 110 Precision
  • Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical
  • Savage Axis II XP
  • Ruger American
  • Winchester Model 70
  • Weatherby Mark V

Ruger Precision Rifle

Bolt action hunting rifles that work well for long ranges and are also available at a lower price; then the best option is Ruger Precision Rifle. Moreover, it works well when trying to hunt by keeping a good distance from your deer.

So, you can try it to improve your distance and can get your hunt without revealing your presence from far.

Such firearms can be helpful for any hunt where the hunters are several meters away and hiding under a nice camouflage.

So, it would work amazingly well for them as they can depend on the power the weapon can create and help them have their special tasty food quickly and quickly. In addition, it is known for being one of the stronger ones in hunting, so you can try it as one of the best deer hunting caliber options you can get.

Reasons To Use Them

The rifle has Hybrid Muzzle Brake, so it effectively minimizes the noise. So, this rifle has two magazines, but you can also use many other magazines. So, try it among this planet’s top deer hunting rifle options.

Moreover, its low sound allows you to hunt without too much notice to scare your hunt away.

Also, low noise also means you do not have to worry about turbulence for the other deer around your area or hunting tree stands.

So, you can take a chance by shooting them, and if you miss, there are chances that you may not have to worry about other deer being too afraid to come to the area you are hunting in.

One things is for sure, is easy to carry, so you can take it into the hunting area deep and easily. Also, it allows you to perfect your hunt with good power that can allow you a quick kill.

What more? You never have to compromise on hunting ranges.

At the same time, you can shoot multiple animals if you know how to manage a shoot-to-kill for your deer hunt.


  • They are easy to carry and lightweight one.
  • Also, you can use it to keep your hunting point safe from any deer getting scared. So, you do not have to scare a deer away when you shoot.


  • On the contrast. it is a reliable one that has little in the cons department.


rifles for deer hunting

Savage Model 110 Precision

So, another rifle that you can use right out of the box. You do not need to add extra parts to the rifle to make it outstanding because it is already an exceptional deer hunting weapon. It is already a faultless and reliable rifle.

Savage Arms manufactured it; the rifle’s overall length is 42.38 inches, and the weight is 12.6 lbs. It has 10 rounds of magazine capacity. So, the barrel length is 26 inches, and the rifle’s trigger is adjustable and easy to pull.

Your hunting will never be complete without trying the market’s top deer hunting rifle options. So, one of the top best deer rifle options that you would certainly love.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about any reliability issues or the right power to hunt well.


  • It is perfect for the power you need.
  • Amazing magazine capacity to perfect your hunt with a lot of bullets.
  • Easy to use and does not need a lot of energy when pulling the trigger.


  • Too heavy to carry for smaller hunters and female hunters.
  • Not the portability you would love for difficult hunting terrains.

Remington Model 700 Sps Tactical

Another amazing rifle with overall length is 39.75 inches, and the weight is 7.5lb. So, another amazing one with barrel length of 20 inches heavy with threaded, but the barrel is shorter, so it is easy to handle, and you can walk through the bushes without any hassle.

Another amazing deer hunting rifle you can try for a hunt of your lifetime.

So, a great rifle that has an X-Mark Pro trigger and helps to hit the target accurately, so you can say it is one of the best one to hunt deer. Plus, it has a satin black oxide metal finish which is durable. In addition, it has dual-point pillar bedding, so it is easy to hunt your target accurately.


  • Durable for difficult days.
  • Rather easy to carry
  • Great accuracy to make a shoot-to-kill kind of hunt.

Savage Axis Ii Xp

This one definitely has Bushnell Banner Scope, which is good if you hunt at dawn and dusk when the light is low. You can easily hunt and can enjoy it.

So, it is smooth and easy to use, so this is an amazing deer hunting firearm for a woman. Moreover, its magazine comes in a box shape, and you can easily move the magazine in and out. So, it is also so easy to clean this rifle.

Plus, it will certainly be a great idea to try it as the best deer rifle options you may have.

So, try this one for the hunting expeditions you wish to remember forever. It is one of the best deer hunting rifle options you can rely on.

You can do the cleaning at home by yourself too. It has an adjustable trigger, but you can also use the rifle with the same adjustment. Remove it from the box and enjoy hunting deer without adjusting the trigger.

So, read about these amazing pros of this perfect deer rifle you would love to try.


  • A great one for smaller hunters and women.
  • Easy to clean and use with amazing features.


  • Nothing too bad

tips to choose deer hunting rifles

Ruger American

If you want an affordable bolt action Rifle with the best quality and powerful deer hunting gun calibers then you can choose Ruger American without any doubt.

For the perfect and accurate shot, this rifle has an adjustable trigger. The rifle is weightless. It also has a butt cover which is made up of soft rubber.

Moreover, the rifle’s overall length is 42 inches, and the barrel is 22 inches. At the same time, it has a weight of just 6 pounds. If you are a new hunter, start your hunting experience with this rifle. Some of the top pros of this perfect deer rifle you can rely on.

Try this one of the best deer rifle for the pros you have with it.


  • Super easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber butt to avoid recoil issues
  • Strong caliber


  • Nothing too hostile

Winchester Model 70

If you are searching for a reliable and durable deer hunting weapon that moves in generations, then Winchester Model 70 is one of the best.

So, it is a weapon which lightweight and easy to carry during deer hunting. In addition, this rifle has different hunting calibers, so you can choose according to your need.

You can have an amazing rifle design that is simply majestic. So, rifle’s overall length is 441/4inches, and its magazine has the capacity of 3 bullets. Because of its lightweight, this rifle does not hurt your shoulder, and you can enjoy hunting without any tiredness.

Find these amazing pros of this perfect deer rifle you would love to have on you as a perfect firearm for hunting deer.


  • Easy to carry with a lot of ease.
  • Perfect for amazing hunter mileage. Carry it deep into the terrain with ease.
  • Choose from multiple available calibers.


  • It will work well for experienced hunters


how to choose deer hunting guns

Weatherby Mark V

So, it has less rotation, so it reloads quickly, has an adjustable trigger that is easy to pull and shoot, and is safe and reliable.

Weatherby Mark V Rifles are lightweight, so it is easy to carry in mountain areas for hunting deer.

Moreover, the material of the rifles is durable, so it stands up also in bad weather. So, it is a rifle is robust and sturdy, and the trigger is light and easy to pull. It has long cartridges. But cartridges can easily extract or eject.


  • An easy-to-carry weapon
  • Call durable for every kind of hunt.
  • Lightweight with perfect portability


  • Nothing much


Top Pump Action Firearms With Pros And Cons For Deer Hunting 
Pump Action Models Pros Cons
Mossberg 500  Less Expensive Nothing Much
Mossberg 535 Ats Pros Cons
Lightweight Nothing Much
Easy To Use And Upgrade
More Reliable
Benelli Supernova Pros Cons
Easy To Remove A Shell From The Chamber Nothing Much
Less Recoil
Trigger Guard
Durable And For Long-Term Use
Remington 870 Pros Cons
Perfect For Hobby Hunters Heavier Than Some Other Ones
Less Expensive
Winchester Sxp Pros Cons
Can Fire 3 Shots In Half A Second Nothing Much
Its Barrel Is Easy To Handle 
Accurate With Forward Balance Feature
6.5lbs Of Weight And Easy To Carry

Shotgun-An Excellent Deer Hunting Firearm

A shotgun has a long barrel, but the cartridge has many small palettes, and it is easy to shoot many targets simultaneously. So, it is one of the best deer hunting firearm for youth. In addition, these are more powerful compared to rifles, so they may be considered a strong one among the best deer hunting caliber options hunters have overall.

Shotguns come in large and small sizes and in many types, but the two are more common and good for deer hunting.

Shotguns are strong firearms that can be more deadly than many other firearms. However, they can help you kill your animal down in its tracks, so it is an amazing one to try.


hunting deer guns tips

How To Hunt Deer With Pump Action Shotgun

Pump action shotguns are very popular. These come in different styles and forms, and the functions of these guns are really simple, so anyone can use them.

When you talk about their sizes, these come in different sizes in the market; you can choose one according to your feasibility.

A big one may cause you a lot of trouble as it may be heavier and difficult to carry onto a treestand. Treestands are among the top methods to hunt your prey down. So, you should be clear if your weapon is the right size and if you can carry it to the top of it easily.

Make sure that you remember this thing and that it is strong enough to kill your prey easily and effectively.

The Pump action shotguns are smooth, so professionals and newbies can use them as deer hunting weapons. Many types of shotguns are available in the market; some are mentioned.

  • Mossberg 500
  • Mossberg 535 ATS
  • Benelli Supernova
  • Remington 870
  • Winchester SXP

Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500 is an inexpensive shotgun with reliability. Its length is 47.5 inches, the overall weight is 6.5 pounds, and the trigger weight is 6.8 pounds.

Moreover, this one has wonderful results and is fast, so it is the best choice for hunting and is lightweight, so you can easily carry it in the terrain. You can use many different parts in the market and make your tailored weapon.


  • Lightweight for a better hunt
  • Easy to carry
  • You can make customization with it


  • Works well in all departments, so there are no cons.


hunting guns

Mossberg 535 Ats

This one, has many variants in the market. The safety of this one is not too difficult, so you can consider it an easy-to-use kind of product that helps you keep your work smart and quick.

The thing is that overall length of the shotgun is 48.25 inches, and the weight is 6.75lbs. And, its performance is smooth, and it has an anti-jam elevator and twin action bars.

So, it has the least chance of getting stuck when you want to kill your favorite animal.
These shotguns are easy to clean, and it has an LPA adjustable trigger, so you can adjust the trigger from 3 to 7 lbs.

Many parts of this gun are available in the market, so you can upgrade it according to your choice.


  • Easy to use and upgrade guns.
  • Not too heavy it still has a nice firing power.
  • A reliable one for hunting if you want to use it without the chance of a jam.


  • You should still look better than others before choosing this one.

Benelli Supernova

Now, Benelli Supernova was made in Italy by the Benelli company. This is an advanced deer hunting firearm; it is made of durable and modern materials and has a push-button shell stop so the shell already in the chamber can be removed easily.

So, the length of the Benelli Supernova is 40-49.5 inches, and the weight is 7.2lbs to 8lbs. On the other hand, the barrel length is 18-28 inches, and it has a ComforTech recoil reduction system, so it is really effective during deer hunting.

It has a system that works well for new hunters looking to participate in the hunting season. You can offer this one as a guide to new hunters in the field you bring to any terrain.

Moreover, it has an large trigger guard, which helps you if you are wearing gloves. Plus, it is a robust and lightweight one.


  • So, a great one if you want to avoid heavy recoil.
  • Perfect if you want a good trigger guard for your hunting expeditions.
  • Try it if you are looking for something more durable that perfects your results with long-term use.


  • Nothing much that you would not like in this one.


tips for choosing deer hunting guns

Remington 870

Now, another special product that empowers hunters to do their best. It offers a caliber of 12 gauge, and the shotgun length is 46 and a half inches, and the weight is 7.25 lbs. On the other hand, the barrel length of the shotgun is 26 inches. It has the capacity of 4 rounds.

so, you can get a shotgun body that is super impressive, sleek, and stylish.


  • A more feasible one for hobby hunters looking to hunt in the woods
  • Pay less for it.


  • Well, It can be a bit heavy for some categories of hunters, like youngsters and kids.

Winchester Sxp

If you want to experience the fastest follow-up shots, then Winchester SXP is a great choice as a deer hunting gun. Morevoer, you can do 3 shots in half a second. It has a barrel of 26 inches, but the gun handles the barrel very smoothly.

In addition, it is a special Muzzle forward balance feature in the shotgun, because of which you get an accurate shot. Plus, it has a speed-plug system so you can quickly put or take magazines.

So, a great shotgun with a weight of 6.5lbs, so we can say it is a lightweight shotgun with a capacity of 5 rounds.


  • A firearm with quick-fire kinds of firearms.
  • It can be perfect if you want to have your game with rapid-fire kind of actions.


  • A light firearm for many kinds of games.


Features Of Top Semi-Automatic Shotguns 

Pros  Cons
Benelli Ethos 46 And A Half Inches Length  Nothing Much
Great Finish And Beauty
Easy-To-Load Shells
Easy To Protect Against Dust, Dirt, And Moisture
Great For Difficult Terrains
Pros Cons
Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Easy To Handle Due To Its Features Nothing Much
Easy Locking Bolt System
Franchi Affinity 3.5p Pros Cons
Small Yet Powerful Nothing Much
Great For Rapid Fire
Accurate With Less Recoil


how to hunt deer with guns

How To Hunt Deer With A Semi-Automatic Shotgun?

This semi-Automatic shotguns are easy to use if we compare them with pump action shotguns, so these are one of the best deer hunting gun for a woman because of their ease of use. These shotguns can automatically chamber the new shell. So you can fire a cartridge without manually chambering the other.

  • Benelli Ethos
  • Benelli Super Black Eagle 3
  • Franchi Affinity 3.5

Benelli Ethos

So, this one carries an overall length of the Benelli Ethos is 47 and a half inches, and the weight is 6 and a half pounds. The finishing of this one is really impressive and stylish.

There are two types of bodies one has Anodized, and the other one has a nickel-plated receiver.

So, this fast and reliable one that has only three parts: bolt body, head, and inertia spring. As a result, it is easy to load shells in the magazine of this one when hunting.

It has a mag cap that protects it from dust, dirt, moisture, etc.

So, reliable for difficult terrains as well. It may come in three colors of fiber optic sights that you can change easily. So you have a great one with the right sight you can use.


  • An easy-to-load with ease-to-load shells.


how to use different deer hunting calibers

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

So, this one is available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge. The barrel length is 28 and 26 inches, and this shotgun is easy to handle because of its simple features. It is an amazing one with overall length of 49.6 inches, and the weight is 7lbs. The maximum shell length you can use is 3 and a half inches.

So, another easy-to-handle with an amazing weight that you can carry well.
It is the most reliable shotgun because of its easy locking bolt system, so amazing for a rather difficult hunt for your delicious food in the woods.

Franchi Affinity 3.5

Now, Franchi Affinity 3.5 looks smaller, but it can hold the 3 and a half inches shell, so you can say that the full power is in a small size. So, it is one of the best ones to hunt deer because a shotgun can fire many shots simultaneously.

Plus, it is one of the best deer hunting caliber among the firearms of its category.

The thing is, that it would work for hunters who can rely on shot numbers instead of accuracy. Of course, that might only be for some, but If someone wants that, it can be a choice to use.

However, you can adjust stock according to your demand. There is a butt pad that reduces the recoil and makes your shots accurate and faster. So, fewer chances of recoil pain!

Moreover, shotgun has an inertia-driven feature and a removable trigger, so you can clean the it easily. In addition, you can easily load the shells because of the diagonal loading port.


hunting deer



Best Handguns For Deer Hunting

Pros  Cons
Bfr.500 Jrh The Ability Of Multiple Cartridges (Up To 5 At A Time) Less Power Than Bigger Guns
Can Fire Without Loading Every Time
Has A Great Grip
Pros  Cons
Super Redhawk.480 Ruger Double-Action Weapon
Not Too Heavy
Works For Smaller Hunters Too
Pros  Cons 
.460 S&W Magnum Adjustable Rear Sight Single-Action
Stainless Steel Material 
Beautiful Weapon

Handguns-Wonderful Deer Hunting Guns

So, handguns are that you can use with one hand. There are many handguns, but the two most important for deer hunting are the revolver and Semi-Automatic ones.

How To Hunt Deer With A Revolver

Looking to try a revolver for a good hunt in the woods? The chamber rotates, and you can shoot multiple times. When all the cartridges are shot, then you can reload the revolver.
Many types of Revolvers are used for hunting and have robust deer hunting calibers. Some important Revolvers are:

  • Bfr.500 Jrh
  • Super Redhawk.480 Ruger
  • .460 S&W Magnum
  • Smith And Wesson Model 29 Classic
  • Bfr.500 S&W Magnum

Bfr.500 Jrh

Now, this one has a short-cylinder Revolver with a single-action ability. So, it has the capacity of 5 cartridges. You get a frame and barrel that are made of stainless steel, the overall length of the revolver is 13-3/4, and the weight is 3.5lb.

So, it is a reliable one for killing your hunt in the woods. It also has a capacity that can help you multiple times without loading. So, a great one for your deer hunt when you are ready to eat your delicious hunt in the Woods.

Also, it offers a barrel length of 7 and a half inches, and this one has a 4 to 5lb trigger pull. Plus, it has an adjustable rear sight. This revolver has an outstanding grip and hammer. If you are searching for the best revolver in the market, choose BFR.500 JRH.

So, it can be a perfect choice for multiple types of hunts and hunters.

Super Redhawk.480 Ruger

Now, another amazing one that is a double-action Revolver made up of durable stainless steel material. And this shows the reliability of this amazing product. In addition, it has a robust and sturdy frame which helps you a lot during hunting. Also, the overall length is 13inches, and the weight is 53oz; it is not heavy, so it will work for youngsters and women.

So, it has the capacity of 6 cartridges. The barrel length is 7.5 inches, and it has an adjustable and fixed rear sight that perfects your ability to hunt. There is a triple-locking cylinder in the front of the frame.


tips to choose and use deer hunting shotguns

.460 S&W Magnum

So, it is available in both single-action and double-action, so there is a lot of capacity for different hunts. Firstly, this revolver was made in the USA for hunting purposes, so this is a notable deer hunting weapon. Also. it has an adaptable and flexible rear sight that makes it more versatile and reliable for many kinds of the hunt.

Also, the overall length of the revolver is 15.2 inches, and the weight is 78.1 oz. The barrel length of the revolver is 7.5 inches. The cylinder, barrel, and frame are all made of stainless steel.

Definitely, quite a reliable one for hunting when you need a lightweight weapon for hunting.
It has the best Muzzle velocity and the capacity of 5 rounds.

The thing is you can use it for the ability of PC Tuned Action. This revolver has many other variations in the market that can be reliable, like this, with better features.

Smith And Wesson Model 29 Classic

So, the overall length of the revolver is 12 inches, and the weight is 47.7oz. This revolver is also available in both single and double action. The rear sight of the revolver is adjustable.

The thing is, that the revolver’s cylinder, barrel, and frame are carbon steel. The finishing of the frame comes in different colors and variations. It has the capacity of 6 rounds. The grip of the revolver is wooden.

Bfr.500 S&W Magnum

So, it is a long-cylinder Revolver with a single action. The overall length of the revolver is 6 inches, and the weight is 4.7lb. It has the capacity of 5 rounds that perfectly works for different kinds of situations in the woods.

So, the barrel length is 10 inches and has an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front. The type of grip comes in white polymer and is all stainless, enhancing the revolver’s beauty.

Best Semi-Automatic ones For Deer Hunting

Glock 20

  • Small And Easy To Handle
  • Rear And Front Sights
  • A Capacity Of 15+1 Shots

Less Power

Glock G40 Mos

  • Safe Action System
  • Less Power

Dan Wesson Kodiak

  • Great For Left Handed Hunters
  • Less Power
  • Ambidextrous Safety


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How To Hunt Deer With A Semi-Automatic Handgun?

Semi-Automatic handguns have magazines, and theseautomatically extract and eject the cartridges and load the new cartridge into the chamber.

Many types of Semi-Automatic ones are used for hunting. These are more expensive as compared to revolvers. There are some exceptional semi-automatic ones are as under.

  • Glock 20
  • Glock G40 Mos
  • Dan Wesson Kodiak
  • Magnum Research Desert Eagle

Glock 20

The overall length of this one is 8.22 inches. On the other hand, the weight is 30.89 oz for the empty and 39.71 oz for the loaded one, while the length of the barrel is 4.6 inches which makes it small and easy to handle.

So, it has the capacity of 15+1 shots, so if you are a young man and want a powerful one, buy it because it is one of the best deer hunting firearm for youth. Moreover, it has a fixed front and a fixed rear sight, plus it has a caliber of 10 mm power which is not weak.

Glock G40 Mos

The length of this one is 9.49 inches, and the weight is 35.45oz. At the same time, the length of the barrel is 6.02 inches, plus it has a capacity of 15 rounds, but you can also use 1 extra, which is really helpful during deer hunting.

The thing is, the weight of this one with loaded magazine is 44.62oz. Plus, it has a safe action system; the overall width is 34mm, and the height of this one is 139mm.

So a nice weapon to travel your hunt today with amazing features that perfect your day.

Dan Wesson Kodiak

So, the overall length of this one is 9.7 inches, and the weight is 47.1oz. The height is 5.8 inches, and the width is 1.5 inches. On the other hand, the length of the barrel is 6.03 inches, and it has a standard capacity of 8 rounds.

So, this is a splendid deer hunting weapon because this one is also easy to use for left-handed hunters. After all, it has ambidextrous safety. The material of the frame is forged stainless steel.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle

So, this one has a capacity of 7 rounds, allowing you to use it without loading repeatedly. The gun’s overall length is 10.75inches, and the weight is approximately 72 ounces. Its height is 6.25 inches, and the width is 1.25inches.

So a small gun that does not cause many issues during hunting as it is easy to use.

It has advanced CNC machine technology, and the weapon also allows two-hand shooting, which is really comfortable for hunters.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are the top the guns that are good for deer hunting?

Many guns are good for hunting. The list of these firearms is as follows:
Winchester, Remington, Weatherby, Magnum, and Benelli are outstanding guns. All the models are really impressive, and you can choose according to your demand.

Which guns can I use in Indiana for deer hunting?

All types of Rifles, shotguns, and handguns can be used in Indiana for deer hunting. There is no specific list of firearms.

Which guns can I use in Ohio for deer hunting?

You can use these in Ohio: shotgun slugs and muzzleloader Rifles. These types of weapons help hunters during hunting season.

Which guns can be used legally for deer hunting in Indiana?

All the firearms that are legal and with legal cartridges. Air guns, long muzzleloaders, and muzzleloading handguns all are legal for deer hunting in Indiana.

What guns are legally allowed for deer hunting in Southern Michigan?

So, hunters can use large rifles of .35 caliber or shotguns of their choice, but they should be straight-walled cartridges.

What are the best hunting Rifles?

The thing is, there are many hunting rifles on the market, but the best are bolt-action rifles of Remington, Winchester, and Ruger precision.

What types of Rifles can I use in Ohio for deer hunting?

The Rifles that you can use for deer hunting in Ohio are straight-walled cartridge Rifles and muzzleloader Rifles.

Which is the most commonly used firearm for deer hunting?

Bolt action Rifles are commonly used for deer hunting.

Final Thoughts

So, we discussed all the top deer hunting guns that you can find in the market and what makes them that. Also, you can read about 3 different types of main gun categories in this article, refiles, shotguns, and handguns.

The thing is, handguns, shotguns, and rifles can help you kill your hunt down easily, and you can rely on these weapons. So, the most used ones in the hunt are normally rifles which makes them perfect with a long firing range, accuracy, great power, and perfect weight.

Some top features you should look for in a deer hunting weapons are firepower, target accuracy, weight, rounds type, and numbers. In addition, you can read about all the famous deer hunting firearms you can find and the features that can make them special for a certain type of hunt.