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Guide to DIY Arrow Making For Deer Hunters With 8 Materials Covered

making arrows for recurve bow

As we already have learned how to make a simple, easy, and cheap recurve bow at home without any extra charges. This article will give you all the tips and guidance about arrow making. After reading this article, you’ll be able to make your own powerful arrows that can easily hunt whitetail deer, fallow deer, sika deer, and mule deer.

Materials For Making Arrows for a Recurve Bow

When we talk about an arrow, it has these parts:

  • Arrowhead
  • Shaft
  • Fletching
  • Footer

In this article, we’ll try to help you to understand all the parts, how to make arrows for a recurve bow and the materials that are good for such amazing activity.

  • Firstly, we’ll learn what a shaft is. The shaft is the middle part of the arrow that is like a stick. It is also called the body of the arrow. So, what are the best materials for making shafts?

Arrow Shaft with the Help of Wood

The first material that is frequently used for making a shaft is wood. The types of wood already have been discussed in the wooden recurve bow article. You can choose any wood that is strong and has elasticity.

The standard diameter of the arrow shaft is 5 mm, and the length of the arrow shaft could be 16 inches to 32 inches.
If you are searching for how to make a recurve bow and arrow at home in your budget, then wood is the best material option.

Making Fiberglass and Hardware Dowels Shafts

Fiberglass is another material you can use for making arrow shafts and the best arrows for recurve bows.

  • You can take a fiberglass pipe.
  • The diameter of the pipe depends on your choice.
  • Smooth the edges and top of the arrow.
  • You can also use hardware dowels for the shafts of an arrow.

method to arrows for recurve bow

Aluminum and carbon-fiber Arrow Shafts

You can use an aluminum rod to make arrows for recurve bow and also with the help of carbon fiber. You can easily buy these materials in most states of the US. The aluminum shaft is easy to purchase, but the carbon-fiber shaft is really expensive. If you want one at a low price, keep reading.

  • Firstly, Take a shaft of wood or steel.
  • Secondly, wrap your shaft with plastic and secure it with tape.
  • Then, use epoxy and wrap a carbon-fiber sheet on the pipe.
  • Use more epoxy and wrap more carbon fiber.
  • Next, wrap it with a thin cloth strip.
  • Take your heat gun, or you can use an oven for the heating process.
  • Finally, remove the cloth from the outer side and the pipe from the inner.

Now your carbon fiber shaft is ready. You can make carbon arrows for a recurve bow with this method.

Equipment and Raw Materials for Arrowheads

So, what about the materials for arrowheads for making recurve bow arrows and arrowheads at home? The materials that are usually used for arrowheads are stones, steel, bones, brass, and glass.

Stone Arrowheads

So, here are some excellent and perfect stones for making arrows for recurve bow:

  • Obsidian
  • Chert
  • Flint
  • Jasper
  • Quartzite

These stones are igneous rocks that form when lava cools down quickly.

  • Firstly, take a large piece of stone.
  • Make a flake from the stone with the help of a hammer stone. The hammer stone looks like an egg shape.
  • Give little strokes with the help of a hammer stone and give it the shape of an arrowhead.
  • You’ll have to use an antler too.
  • Use a piece of cloth to protect your hand from the sharp edges of the flake.

tips to make arrows for hunting

Hunt Deer With Arrowheads Made With Blade Razor

You can also make an arrowhead with the help of a razor blade; this will also test your courage as a deer hunter. It is really a cheap and useful method.

  • Take a razor blade and make a triangle shape on it.
  • Now cut it with a cutter.
  • Make a notch with a hacksaw on the shaft top and attach the arrowhead with epoxy.
  • Now take the strands of fiber and put some glue on them.
  • Now attach fiber around your shaft and arrowhead. It will help from splitting.

Make Arrowheads with Steel Sheet

  • Take a steel sheet and make a recurve bow with arrows. Draw an arrowhead on the steel sheet.
  • Make sure the arrowhead shape is in a triangle and at the end long tail.
  • Cut it with the cutter.
  • Now put some epoxy on the tail of the arrowhead and fix it inside the shaft.

Hunting Deer Arrow Heads Made of Brass and Iron

Furthermore, you can use brass and Iron to make arrowheads. For this, you need a furnace and a big hammer. Put one end of the Iron or brass inside the furnace. When it is hot enough, then with the stroke of a hammer, give it the shape of an arrowhead. But do this process with a lot of caution. Use gloves during this process.

Make Arrowheads with Bones

So, making arrowheads from bones are ancient technique. You can use the leg bone of your previous hunting deer. Then, you can make arrowheads with the help of a cutter and hacksaw.

Arrowheads with Glass

  • Take a glass bottle.
  • The glass should be thick.
  • Then, you can break the glass of the bottle and take one piece. Now with the help of stone, give it the shape of an arrowhead.

How to Make Fletches For Arrows

Fletches are also known as feathers and vanes; they help stabilize the arrows. There are many materials that you can use for making fletches.

make arrows for recurve bow

  • You can use plastic to make fletches.
  • Cut the plastic piece into the shape of a feather and attach it to the end of the arrow.
  • You can also use duct tape and can make fletches.
  • In the beginning, it isn’t easy to make, but after some tries, you’ll be able to make it easier.
  • If you have access to turkey and goose feathers, you can use them.
  • The real feathers look really good, and because they are lightweight, they help a lot during arrow movement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are good stones for making arrowheads?

The stones that are good for the making of arrowheads are obsidian, chert, flint, jasper, and quartzite.

Can I use real feathers for making fletches?

Yes, you can use real turkey and goose feathers if they are easily available.

Is carbon fiber good for making an arrow?

Yes, carbon fiber is an excellent material for making shafts of arrows, but it is difficult to handle.

Is it easy to make an arrowhead from glass?

Making arrowheads from glass is difficult because it takes a lot of effort and technique to shape a piece of glass into an arrowhead without breaking it into pieces.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I want to say that it is a really fun and exciting process to choose different materials and make your own arrows. We covered several materials that you can use for making arrows. You can read about stones, glass, glass, and many 5 others in this article.



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