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Comparing Longbow Vs. Recurve Bow For Hunting Deer

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As hunters, we all know that deer hunting is one of the most thrilling games that exist for us. So, a recurve bow, and a longbow can be alternates for many. But, at the same time, it may be difficult for hunters to choose between the two as a beginner. Moreover, you can find several types of longbows and recurve bows in the US market.

This article will explain the difference between long bow and recurve bow types. So you can compare them and find out which will be the most thrilling for your deer hunt. You can also find the difference between recurve bow vs. longbow range as you can read how far a longbow can shoot.

Long Bow Vs. Recurve Bow Features

Now one thing to remember when comparing these two is that you need a lot of power to penetrate a deer. So a recurve bow provides you that power and can be more lethal for your target.

It is the fact that you have to spend more energy on using a recurve bow than a Longbow. You may choose a long bow if you do not want to strain yourself physically. At the same time, they give you a classic look that may be a preferable image for some hunters. You may use them as a beginner hunter as they are easy to work with.

Draw Length Factor: Recurve Bow Vs. Longbow

Your position may significantly affect the draw length when shooting in a real-life scenario. For instance, if you have a longbow, you may have to compromise on your arrow strength in certain positions. The reason behind this compromise will be that you have to draw a longbow farther than a recurve bow to get the same amount of power.

On the other hand, it may work well in many different positions when hunting in the woods. Remember that you can experiment with different draw lengths and weights to find your best recipe for success. Then you can settle for a method that suits you in every position you shoot your deer with.

using recurve bow vs long bow

When To Choose A Recurve Bow?

Now here are some features that you can get out of a recurve bow if you want to try them out:

  • You can use a specific type of recurve bow to change your draw weight. This takedown recurve bow allows you to change your draw weight according to your needs.
  • They have more speed and can kill a deer faster.
  • Many hunters consider them more accurate when compared to a Longbow.
  • When it comes to smoothness, a recurve bow will beat a Longbow.
  • One thing to remember when shooting a recurve bow is that you should not use draw weights above 50 pounds when shooting as a beginner.
  • You can use them to ensure you do not scare the deer away. Recurve bows are notorious for being noisier than longbows.
  • At the same time, controlling a recurve bow is more difficult than a long bow. You should ensure reasonable control over your arrows and aim when using a recurve bow.
  • These bows are more versatile as you can adjust them according to your needs.

Now, as a hunter, you should always be looking to use an armguard for your recurve bows. Using fiberglass lamination may help improve your recurve bow speed as well. They are an amazing choice if you want to hunt from a tree stand, as they only take up a little space.

So, these features make recurve bow a different kind of weapon that you may use for certain kinds of needs for deer hunting. But, on the other hand, it may not serve well if it does not carry the features you want for your hunting expeditions.

When To Choose A Long Bow?

Using a longbow gives you a great thrill if you are into bows. They also need less effort to shoot. At the same time, they would not cause much pain for your fingers or joints when shooting.

features recurve bow vs long bow

On the other hand, they have some drawbacks, like they can cause hard shocks on your bow hand.
Moreover, storing them can be difficult, just like transporting them.
It is obvious that longbows are slower, which may not be preferable for professional and more experienced hunters. This shows the difference between a longbow vs. a recurve bow.

Different Types Of Recurve Bows

So there are multiple types of recurve bows and longbows that you can find in the market. They all have their own features, which make them good for one purpose but may not be an excellent choice for another one.

English Longbow Vs. Recurve Bow: Which One To Choose?

When it comes to the features of an English bow, it is a great weapon for its amazing accuracy. Here are some features you may need to know:

  • A long bow’s range would vary from 75 to 80 yards with good accuracy.
  • Such bows may also work between a range of 200 and 270 yards. But in such conditions, its accuracy would never work for a deer hunt.
  • You can make an English longbow with wood laminates or even composite materials. Also, make it with fiberglass.
  • On the other hand, using Yew to make this bow will always be the best and classic choice.
  • The minimum draw weight of an English bow used to be 80 pounds, while a standard one would go up to 120 pounds. As far as deer hunting is concerned, you can try using the one that suits you.
  • When you’re shooting as a beginner, you should ensure the bow does not have a draw weight of more than 30 pounds.

How to Choose A Longbow?

If you are choosing a longbow, you should have a riser and sight pin that comes along. Also, make sure that you have finger rollers. Then, when buying one, ensure it shoots similarly every time you release your string.

Some English bows may shoot well at one time and may not work the second time similarly. So if you are looking for an accurate bow, also ensure that its string does not come off easily. The thing is, if your bow string comes off easily, it can be dangerous as well.

Also, ensure they come with all the accessories you need for shooting them. At the same time, its string should have the strength you need for hunting a deer down. If it does not meet your needs, you may not be able to have a nice hunt. Making sure that you have the right length according to your height is an important part you need to keep in your mind.

features recurve bow vs long bow

Longbows can have harder limbs; try using an average size instead of too long and too short. They also have more gentle string angles. Longer limbs may also help you shoot better. In addition, longbows have fewer chances to make things inaccurate as they carry less energy during a release.

So they can be more stable, that helps a lot. Ensure that the bow does not hit you when shooting from a treestand. For this purpose, you should try using them from a different angle. This also happens when your bow is bigger, even if of any type.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you can read about why and how you can use a recurve bow for deer hunting as compared to a longbow. Moreover, you can read about choosing a longbow, and its features compared to a recurve bow.

We also briefly discussed why an English longbow is a good choice for deer hunting. This article can help you choose between the two types of deer hunting bows as we covered all the features they carry.

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